Free Candle Spells | Full Moon in Taurus – November 21, 2010 – Emotions and Materialism


The Full Moon in occurs on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at E.S.T. This lunation, in the astrological sign of  Taurus, is considered to have the energy qualities known as a “Fixed” Earth sign.  This energy is considered to be practical, stable, materialistic and unchangeable.

The Full Moon is considered the most auspicious time for burning candle spells that reverse or return a situation back to where it once was or its’ source are best burned during the next two weeks. This Full Moon has other planets in the zodiac sky that warms of candle and fire safety. Remember that if you are burning candles, use common sense and protect your candle spells accordingly. Please read my candle burning safety article, “Ideas for Keeping Your Home Fire Safe During Candle Burning Spells” (click on blue word to go to article). Another article addresses safety when using Condition Oils,“Free Candle Spells | Cancer and Fire Causing Condition Oils”.

During this Full Moon in Taurus, do not light candles for increase in money, as this is definitely not the time to ask for it. Also, do not ask for a change in power of the administration that is set in place, as they have the ‘upper-hand’ in the situation. Do not burn separation candles at this time.

During this next two weeks, examine yourself and others as they gear up for the Christmas holiday season and all that entails. Do you value the meaning of the Season or is it another reason to purchase items to offset emotions that are so sensitive at this time of the year. Do you need to give to feel loved? Do others controls your emotions and you need to ‘please’ them by purchasing anything they want? Do not allow others to manipulate your emotions. Light a white candle anointed with “Controlling” or “Commanding” Condition Oils with your name written across theirs in a “crosshairs” diagram (one name vertically written with the other name written horizontally across it) if you feel you are being pushed into doing something that you do not want to do.

In addition to this regular Full Moon, November’s Moon is also called a “Blue Moon”. Click the blue words to read what is a Blue Moon.

Our next New Moon will occur on December 5, 2010.

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