Free Candle Spells | Why Your Love Candle Spell Isn’t Working – Pt. 1

I have recently seen a pattern in regards to the line of questioning that I am getting in my e-mails regarding love spells. It seems that there are those who are not happy with the outcome or how long it is taking. I thought I would write an article to address some issues or situations that you may be having or are seeing with candle spell work. This is part 1 of a 3 part series that I am writing to address issues in failed love candle spells.

Here is the scenario; you met a guy and you two are really hitting it off. You want to ‘turn it up’, meaning you want to make the two of you get closer. You choose to find a candle spell or you visit the botanica, candle shop or a spiritual worker to do the work for you. It has been some time, not terribly long, but you are not seeing the results you want. Examine these reasons why the love candle spell may not be working and see if any of them sounds familiar.

1. Magic is not “Guaranteed” – Pure and simple. Magic, candles, incantations or even prayers, are the infusion of wishes, desires and hopes that you are releasing into the ethers of the Universe. I see clients all the time who have gone from one reader to a psychic to a spiritual worker, all for naught, because each one had done work for the person/client and it did not turn out the way it was intended or not at all. The Internet is chock full of websites promising, even assuring the reader that their spells ar “100% Guaranteed”.Truth. If it is not meant to Be, then the Almighty will not allow it to happen. The girl or guy might be the most handsome/beautiful/gorgeous body Heaven sent down, but if their is evil intent afoot in the Future and the Higher Power that resides in the clouds doesn’t want you to experience it, then no amount of candles will make It happen. You have to ask, pray, meditate or incant what you desire, but with the understanding of this:

It Might Not Happen Despite How Many Candles You Burn.

‘ Nuff said!

2. You have unrealistic goals – This falls into the “George Clooney or (insert movie/rock star’s name here)” section. There is just some circles that you and your target will circulate in and your paths will NOT cross. Another scenario is the “I’ll wait forever for you, Eddie!” syndrome, despite Eddie being married with 4 kids and a mortgage that would make Donald Trump cringe. Really? You want to become ‘Instant Step-Mom?’. Brave girl. The same goes for men as well; be careful what you wish for…..

3. There are underlying issues, problems and situations to take into consideration (further enhancing the above) – OK, so Eddie is really and truly is “the One”. He’s got 4 kids, a mortgage, and a wife that is taking him to the cleaners. Take a moment and think 5 years down the road – are you planning to be the major ‘breadwinner’ in your relationship with Eddie because three quarters of his check goes to HER? This is an example of what could happen once you are fully entrenched into a relationship. If she/he is cheating now, using now, lying now, then it is bound to happen later as well. Do not try to “fix” another person (which is a great majority of concerns lately). They are what or who they are; love them with all their faults or move on.

Look for Part 2 in a few days regarding reasons your love candle spells are not working.


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