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I got off the phone the other day with someone who was asking why her candles were not “working”. I realized I was right to have the initial presumption that she meant that she was not getting the results she wanted. When I asked her a few questions on the nature of her candles, she told me it was for her boyfriend of three years to basically, “put up or shut up” – meaning she wanted him to make a full commitment to her. It seems that he would run hot and cold with their relationship; that when he felt he needed to be ‘free’, she was to go along with it and allow him to flit and flutter into and back out of her life like a butterfly in the backyard. Now mind you, SHE couldn’t so the same thing; no, she was to ‘wait’ for him to come to his senses and return.

She then told me she was doing a candle spell she had found on the Internet about making someone make up their mind. This was the first red flag I saw in the matters of candle burning and I told her so. This candle spell is contradictory in its creation and nature; you just can’t expect someone to stop being wishy-washy and burn a candle to make them choose one way or the other because the person is acting EXACTLY as is being petitioned for – making one choice or the other.

I told her that she needed to trash that spell and do one that basically says, “Get over here and be my man, dammit!” – in a nutshell. Only there was a deeper problem when I told her that this type of clear, direct and demanding candle spell was needed.

She was not sure if she wanted him.

Whaaat? Why are you burning candles for them then, I asked.

Her answer was that if he didn’t want to be with her, then she wanted him to be gone and stay gone but if he really wanted her, he needed to stay and stay stayed (a play with words).

So, we were working on the recipient of the blessing from the candles not being completely and 100% sure if this was what they wanted, coupled with a person that wasn’t sure they wanted to stay or go.

I had to tell her that no candle spell will be successful unless you are completely and totally SURE that the results or outcomes from the candle burning is truly what she wanted.

Kind of like pointing a gun at a person that you would rather be six feet under, pulling the trigger, and then saying, “I really didn’t MEAN IT!!!”

So I suggested a very non-hoodoo-y, magical thing to do: Go make two lists of the good and bad qualities about this person. The list with the more items wins.

It would have been easier for me to play into her candle spell, load her up with a lot more spells to create more confusion and also sell her a bunch more oils.

Jacqueline don’t play that way. I have a higher power that I have to justify my moves with. I had another recent encounter with the same situation, and I wrote about it on my other blog on Tarot by Jacqueline. I called it “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – after the Rolling Stones song. Click on the blue title to go to the blog post.

To summarize my story today, I want to emphasize that you must be certain and focused on your intention you have in regards to candle burning; don’t be weak or flip-flop on your goal, otherwise you might find yourself spending lots of cash with many workers and not getting a whole lot of results – a loss for all concerned.


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