Free Candle Spells | Money Come Quick Candle Spell

This money spell has been effective when one needs small amounts of cash in a hurry.


* 1 Bank Deposit Slip from you personal checking or saving account
* 1 bottle Lucky 13 Clover Prosperity, Attract Money, or Lucky Money Oil
* Red Ink Pen or Sharpie Marker
* Green votive candle (1″ to 1-1/2″ tall)
* 1 packet Lucky 13 Clover Prosperity, Attract Money, or Lucky Money Sachet Powder

First, clean candle with lemon juice or Florida Water; set aside to dry. Write the money drawing sigil in each corner using instructions from this past blog post page Money Prosperity Spell | Part Two – The $$uCCe$$ Sigil on Bank Deposit Slips and How to Apply Money Drawing or Fast Luck Oils

Next, write in the amount in the deposit amount line you need for a quick “cash fix”. This candle spell is for basic necessities like groceries, gas in the car, lunch money, school supplies, items for work, etc. It is intended for use for money for entertainment such as the movies, alcohol or going to the casino. In this candle spell, you are asking for a “little something” to tide you over until the check comes in or you get paid your next paycheck.

*NOTE: This is not a spell to ask for money to go to the casino or the Lottery. This money candle spell is for the emergencies that “pop up” in our lives.

Place deposit slip in fire safe receptacle like an aluminum pie pan or small ceramic plate. Set green votive candle on top of deposit slip. Pour a few drops of oil on the candle. Set plate just inside your front door (in the entry or landing area) and light. Pray the 23rd Psalm (“The Lord is my Shepherd”) if you feel the need or just open up your heart and as for the amount you need and state whay you need this amount and what it will be used for. Make a promise to make a $3.00 dollar donation to any charity that you are comfortable with sharing your good fortune with.

Let candle burn itself out. When it is cooling but the wax is not all the way hard, pry off the deposit slip and rool the warm wax and deposit slip into a ball, using the warm wax to cover and coat the ball and hold it into shape. Drop three more drops of the Lucky 13 Clover Prosperity Oil onto this ball.

Go outside and bury this ball in the dirt as close to your front door as possible. If living upstairs, nearest to the front door of the complex. You may also want to keep it nearby and purchase a green plant and bury it there, keeping the green plant next to your front door.

Remember to give the $3.00 to a charity the minute money comes flowing in to you.


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