Reader Results of Revenge, Damnation and Go to H*LL Candle Spell…Eerie!

A reader wrote me this today….


I’ve used this spell with some pretty spectacular results. At first I thought it wasn’t working because the person seemed perfectly well and happy, but within a week, he was nervous and jittery, saying he thought his house was haunted and that ghosts were following him. Within a week, he got steadily more nervous and awkward. By the time the next full moon had arrived, he had been taken out of school(I’m a college student-computer sciences-and the guy in question was one of the college’s jocks that had been accused of raping a fellow student). The last thing I had heard was that one of the professors had found him standing over a sink in the restroom crying because his teeth were falling out and his mouth was bleeding. The bleeding wouldn’t stop and he ended up leaving unconscious in an ambulance. Hopefully now, she feels some small bit of justice for what he did to her.



Dear Robert (and readers),

Justice comes to those that spew evil. Again,when I posted this spell, I has some people ‘drop out’ because they were are light and loving. Candle magic is not always like that.

I try to explain it like this; it is almost Old Testament. Remember in the Old Testament, it was an ‘eye for an eye’? Then, when Jesus came along, it was “If you get smacked on one cheek, offer the other”? Sometimes, evil just doesn’t play Jesus’ way. It needs a dose of it’s own medicine. This is where this candle spell comes in.

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Then a day later, I got some ‘flack’ for posting a candle spell such as this. So, I offered the anthrological view on magick.

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Thank you Robert for being a ‘gentleman’ (oh, how this sounds so tongue-in-cheek!) but, your efforts are considered noble and I do hope she ‘knows’ it was done for her. Sounds like you have got some pretty powerful hands there, while charging the candles and all!


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