Readers Question | Black and Gold Candles for Money?

Dear Ma’am,

I have heard so much about candle burning especially for financial success. I do have a few questions to put to you:
1. I have bought gold colored and black colored candles and I am burning them – one gold & one black at a time, but did not clean and annoint them.

2. I will now use green candles and gold candles. How many candles do I burn at a time and do I let it burn our completely in one go, or leave it burning for say 15 minutes and again 15 minutes the next day and so untill the the candles are completely burnt out. I especially would like to do this for financial ‘gain’.

3. Can I buy the ordinary ‘house candles’ or must it be a specific candle. And can I use an ordinary candle holder ‘like people used in the olden days’? I will surely look forward and value your reply.

Many thanks.


My main concern here is that you were given a candle spell from an individual or website and you are asking me to give details such as how many candles to use. Another ‘red flag’ is the use of black candles for money. I do not know where you have gotten this information, but in my 20 plus years of burning candles for magical results, never have I heard of black candles for money.

Reader, here is an example of someone giving information, either through a reading, going to a candle shop or spiritual supply store, or on the Internet, and giving this poor reader only half of the story. Here’s why:

1. Black candles are to curse and bring revenge or to thwart someone’s progress. The energy is negative.

2. Burning candles without cleaning, blessing and oiling then might just be like getting something from Bed, Bath and Beyond or Pier 1 Imports and putting a flame to it. No ritual and no energy has been intoned into the candle.

3. To determine how many candles you need for each color, you need to go back to the source. If the ritual is to be during the New Moon only, figure 2-3, but then again, the size of the candle is a determining factor.

4. The term, ‘ordinary house candles’ must mean those finger sized emergency white candles, right? Here again, not enough information was given to me to answer. The quote, ‘used in the olden days’, again might mean the same candle I mentioned above, or another, since the Jewish people have candles that they use, are called household candles, and were used a long time ago.

I would go back to the original person or website where you got this information and ask them, either by phone call or e-mail, to clarify their candle spell. Not only will it save you hours of frustration but money as well.

Thanks for a good question!



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