Readers Question | Burn Pink Love Candles Only During New Moon?

During my reading one of the things you advised me to do was to burn a pink candle sprinkled with cinnamon and set atop a petition paper with my desires for my love and me. I have been doing that. The second candle has now finished and I have not replaced it. My it ok to continue this pink love candle now during this moon? Or should I wait for the next cycle? (and what is that cycle??)

Thank you..I await your reply.




You sent me this question through my other e-mail, but I thought it was worded so good and it addresses what someone else might be thinking, that I answer it here. I did tell you to burn during the New Moon, as my belief is that beginning candle spells on the ‘proper’ Moons gives the spell a little “boost” of cosmic energy. Here is a bit more about the different theories out there in the World.

There are two Schools of Thought popular with candle spell burning. One believes in working ONLY with the Moon cycles, and some go so far as watching for Void-of-Course Moons as well if the Moon is Waxing or Waning Crescent or Gibbous. This is more popular with groups who do specific magickal work. I am not so knowlegeable in this with the exception of New Moon are for BRINGING IN – love, money, success, a loan, friendly or spiritual help, guardian angels and the like. I also know that the Full Moon is for BANISHING or SENDING AWAY – bad boyfriends, nosy neighbors, negative ‘funk’, evil back where it came from and other things like this.

Another theory that is practiced is that you address the situation in the “RIGHT NOW’ – meaning despite the Moon, if you need something to manifest, start your candle work now and do not hesitate.  This is the method that I believe how most people work. I am open to both; I have no qualms with waiting for the next Moon to occur for burning a candle, but then again, for me, it is the clients wish that I start candle work for them on their belief system. I DO however, suggest waiting until the Moon cycle, but who an I to judge the need of the client?

I guess what I am saying to you is listen to your heart. In my past experience for my own personal love life, I have burned pink candles continuously until I have achieved my goal (for me it took seven weeks of burning candles continuously – 2 candles a week). Was it worth it? Yes. This is the part where you have to listen to your hunches and go with it.

Good Luck and tell us which store has your wedding registry!


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