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I want to attract more money to me so that I can go to the casino and try my luck. Ialways seem to have my luck come and go, and I would like to know if there is a candle to burn to attract good luck so that I don’t dip into my living expenses money to try my hand gambling. Does one candle spell exist?




Thank you for a good question. You do state a bit of slight confusion here and I think that it would be good that I clear things up. I am told that there are two distinct types oc candle spells regarding money – one for necessary needs and one for “somethin’ extra” – like going to the casino. While I am not a gambling person, I go maybe once a year if that because I don’t seem to do enough to make the drive worthwhile, so are VERY lucky at it. Lucky them! So, for the sake of clarification to all who read this website, let’s take a moment to explain the differences.

First, it is very unwise to ever use the household money to gamble or play games of chance – that is almost like tesing the Devil and asking for calamities to happen. You and your family depends on that little extra cushion for those “whammy” months (what I call them) – when the car breaks down or these is a doctor or appliance repair bill that you didn’t factor in for it. Gambling money should be an extra “extra” – like entertainment money – to spend without harming the household or placing anyone in jeopardy. There are those who have a different opinion on this, and if you or any readers are one, I truly did not mean any harm. Being a monther I am always looking out for the family.

So, if you are looking to burn candles strictly for BRINGING IN GAMBLING MONEY, I would suggest red or yellow-gold candles (the PREFERRED colors) anointed with “Fast Luck”, “Lucky 13”, or “Attraction” type anointing and condition oil. Clean candles as described in this link, Candle Spell Candle Preparation Step by Step for Candleburning Success. Then, anoint with the Fast Luck or any of the other oils I have described. Light the candle after placing it in a fire-safe dsih. You may sprinkle a little ground cinnamon or red pepper (not TOO much) in the top of the candle to give it a “boost”. You may place your lucky gambling charm or mojo bag next to the candle to give it a “recharge” before your next visit.

If you are doing a candle light vigil for bringing money into the household FOR HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES or emergency money that will not be taken to the casino, I would suggest green candles and for super emergencies, back the green one up with a red candles by its side, anointed again with “Fast Luck” oil. Use “Money Drawing”, Wealthy Way”, “Money Come to Me” , “Money House Blessing”, or any of the other prosperity-type oils.

Thanks for a good question and Good Luck!


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