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The Best Days of the Week for Candle Burning Spells


SUNDAY – The Day of the Lord and the best day for white candle Blessings and Healing candle rituals to be lit. Burning Uncrossing, Run Devil Run, and Jinx Removal candle spells are good on this day.. Also, it has been said that spells for knowledge and success in school such as Crown of Success and Wisdom spells can be begun on Sunday.

MONDAY – Ruled by the Moon, an auspicious day for Peace in the Home, Happiness, and Tranquility blue candle spells. Monday also has a reputation of being a good day for purple Psychic Vision candle spell work to increase your intuitive nature.

TUESDAY – Reputed to be a good day for Separation and Breakup candle spells, using the free standing couple candle with a knife sliced between the man and the woman figure. Good day for Fiery Wall of Protection and Reversible Candle spell work if the Moon is full.

WEDNESDAY – Ruled by the planet Mercury, who rules communication, this day is good for candle spells for unblocking your paths and obstacles and the Fast Luck red candle spells dedicated to Saint Expedite. Good day for lighting candles for Fast Luck and Road Opener candles when the hands of the clock are rising (i.e. at 6:31 am or at 6:31 pm). Also an opportune day for certain kinds of spells for contact a lost person or needing to contact someone not reachable by telephone.

THURSDAY – Reputed to be auspicious for Steady Work candle spells and candles to bring in more business for shop owners.

FRIDAY – Ruled by the Yoruba Goddess Ochun (sometimes spelled “Oshun” or “Oxum”), Fridays are the day to cast elaborate spells for things like love, wealth and beauty. Use green Wealthy Way and Prosperity candles dressed with Money Drawing Oil. In matters of romance, use pink candles dressed with Love Me, Come To Me, Fire of Love, or Kiss Me Now! Oils.You can burn Attraction candles for general Good Luck, as well as yellow candles dedicated to Oshun on this day.

SATURDAY – Legend has it to be the day for casting harmful work like laying ‘tricks’, Goofering, and Dark Arts spells. Also reputed to be a good day for Domination, Bend Over and Control candle burning spells.

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