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What do we do with the petition papers after the candle spell is done or the candle is out? I have a few petitions just sitting in a little tin waiting for me to do something with them.



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Name papers (the ones you place a persons name on) and petition papers ( the ones that you write an incantation or prayer) are to be dispersed in a way to it “goes out to the Heavens or the Universe” to do its’ job. For myself, there are a few ways that I take care of petition papers.

For positive candles spells (such as love, money,success): I take the papers and I either burn it in the candle glass, and toss in a pinch of sage or copal to sweeten the smoke, and allow the petition prayers to drift up to Heaven for the Angels to hear or I burn it in my weekly Sunday morning ritual in my back yard.

I take all the prayer requests and notes left on the All Saints Altar and place them in an aluminum dish to burn with incense. I save the photos if they are on original Kodak-type paper and all the Internet print off photos I burn with the petitions.

For love drawing and money or success drawing papers: Some have the idea to wrap the paper around the spent wax (if using a free-standing candle) wiht a pinch of SUGAR or a LODE STONE fixed with MAGNETIC SAND, and bury it under their steps (if  raised wooden steps to a porch) or near the walkway where they enter their home (like a planter by the walkway leading to their door in an apartment complex) or in a potted plant on their doorstep or landing. The idea is that it will be a constant money or love “magnet” drawing to the home. Some fold the paper into a packet (sometimes around a drawing spice such as CINNAMON), and wear in a locket or place in a mojo bag or tied in a white kerchief and worn on the body or left in the bedroom (for love drawing).

For candles for an enemy or someone that you want to commit an act of revenge: You can take the petition paper and burn it with SULPHUR (either powder that was obtained from the pharmacy) or CRUSHED MATCHSTICK TIPS (easy and cheap to do). If using SULPHUR, make sure to burn it outside, as the fumes are toxic and cannot be burned indoors. After all has been burnt, you can either add it to a BLACK PEPPER, RED PEPPER and SALT mixture and toss it on their walkway or doorstep, or near the drivers side of the car, so they step in it and carry it into their car.

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