Kitchen Hoodoo | Using Black & Red Pepper for Hoodoo, Conjure and Candle Spells

BLACK PEPPER (piper negrum) and RED PEPPER (capsicum annum) are two spices used in Revenge, Jinxing, and Chase Away candle work and spell work. BLACK PEPPER, either in whole PEPPERCORNS or GROUND PEPPER< can either protect you from enemies or cause problems and negative ‘drama’ to others. RED PEPPER, wither whole CHILIS or GROUND RED PEPPER or RED PEPPER FLAKES, has been used for CROSSING and ENEMY work in candle spells and other root work magic.

Use BLACK PEPPER when you want to chase someone away by mixing a pinch of SALT, BLACK PEPPER, RED PEPPER, and MATCHSTICK TIPS (for SULPHUR) and toss out of the door as unwanted visitors leave your door or unwanted guests leave your home. In this manner, you are “Dusting Their Tracks” (whether you can see them or not) and is a spiritual method of keeping ill tempered people from your home to cause ‘drama’.

You cal also burn a petition paper in which has been placed under a black candle while it burned down, and mix it with GROUND PEPPER and toss it in front of an enemy’s door or sprinkle it about where they will walk (around desk at work, around drivers side car door,etc.). You can also place it in their pepper shaker, although this might be hard to do, unless you have access to their home.

You can create your own personal JINXING or HEXING oil by using a good measure of OLIVE OIL and placing BLACK PEPPERCORNS, WHOLE RED CHILI PEPPERS, and nine STICK MATCHES, along with nine NEEDLES and keep it to anoint your enemy’s door handle, telephone or desk with it so that they get it on them.

Sprinkle GROUND BLACK PEPPER into your shoes to protect you from walking in a Foot Track Trick someone my leave for you. This is also known as Poisoning Through the Feet.

RED PEPPER is used in many ways just like BLACK PEPPER, and it can be used in a non-magical way as a sprinkle around outdoor bushes to keep cats away from urinating on your plants.

To Jinx an Enemy: Tie a NAME PAPER with your enemy’s name (full, if you know it) and birth date (if you have it) around a WHOLE RED PEPPER with a black string or yarn and take to your nearest cemetery and inter it into the ground of someone who was a soldier, police officer or fire fighter (people who protected others). Take a half pint of WHISKEY, a CIGAR or TOBACCO, and a FLOWER and offer it to the Spirit of this deceased person, asking them to keep this person away from you and you out of this enemy’s harm.

Make an Enemy Bottle Spell by taking a petition paper with your enemy’s full name and birth date (if known) and placing it inside a bottle with nine NAILS, nine NEEDLES, nine WHOLE DRIED RED PEPPERS, nine PEPPERCORNS, nine MATCHSTICK HEADS and a good amount of GRAVEYARD DIRT. Fill the remaining space with WHITE VINEGAR. Burn a free standing BLACK CANDLE on the top of the lid for nine days, then take the jar to the river or your nearest swiftly moving water and toss it in. Leave and do not look back over your shoulder or in the rear view mirror.


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