Readers Question | Proper Use of Epsom Salts to Banish Negativity

A reader asked about the effective use of Epsom Salts. Here is some great uses.



Epsom Salts, a common name for Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate, is a common hoodoo, conjure and rootwork item for banishing negativity from ones person, home and place of business. It can be used alone and can be blended with various jinx removing herbs and oils to boost the cleansing power. It can be purchased at any market that has a pharmaceutical aisle such as Walgreens or Walmart. It is considered a “first” among uncrossing and jinx removing traditions.

For Cleaning the Body of Negative Vibes: Draw yourself a warm bath with two cups of  Epsom Salts in a clean tub. Get in and soak, including holding your nostrils closed and submerging your head and face in the water. Relax into the water until water turns cool. Stand up and shower off, using your regular bar or liquid body soap. Shampoo as well. Get out, dry off and wear clean, comfortable clothes. Sometimes an Epsom Salts soak will leave you lethargic. Take a nap or recline on the sofa until energy returns. Make sure you drink a large glass of water after an Epsom Salts bath.

For Cleaning the Home or Business: Sprinkling Epsom Salts on floors and carpets while reciting the Lord’s Prayer or Psalm 23 (“The Lord is My Shepherd”) is good for collecting up negativity. Just sweep out the front door and down the steps to the street after a few prayers or vacuum up and toss out the old dirt bag in the machine before using vacuum cleaner again.

You may also add Epsom Salts to a bucket of warm water and wipe down any surface that can take a light wiping with water. Desks, doors, door handles and jambs, chairs, floors, counters – anything that someone who is negative or spews negativity touches is subject to lingering “funk”. Wipe down with clean cloth that has been immersed in warm Epsom Salts water and wrung out. Do not reuse cleaning rag;  just toss in trash.

You can also add a cup of Epsom Salts to your clothes wash water to spiritually clean your clothes. Many people do not know it , but they bring home negative vibes through their clothing. Bring out in the public gives you the opportunities for someone to jinx you – whether they oils their hands them pat you on the back or shoulder, sprinkle crossing powder under your desk or where you stand or sprinkle Graveyard Dirt or Goofer Dust on the ground near your driver’s side door in hopes you will track it into your home with your shoe. A good rule of thumb is to take off your shoes at the door, carry them in and place on tiled entry or on newspaper near front door. Then, proceed immediately to bedroom to shower or bathe, or change into “house clothes”, leaving your work clothes in the hamper or laundry basket. do this before entering and interacting with the family. You will see a lessening of family “drama” in the evenings.

To clean your business, sprinkle Epsom Salts on your floor and sweep out towards front door and into the street. Follow with a warm water and Epsom Salts mopping and toss remaining water in the gutter.

For added boosting to all washing and mopping water, add 1 tablespoon of plain Ammonia and the crushed tips of three wooden match heads. The match heads have sulfur in their composition and will give an added boost to the mix.

All of these recipes given above can be enhanced with Jinx Removing Condition Oils and Herbs.

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