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I had you do  a candle service for me a couple of months ago, and I have not found a job and now I have to look for another place to live. Why didn’t it work? Can you explain why my candles did not work?



Dear Susan,

I am sorry to hear that things are not going well with you. I remember that we did indeed do a month of white candles for family blessings of all kinds in April.  All your candles burnt clean – meaning there was no negative aspects such as sudden sooting or blackening of the candle glass or exploding candles. So let me try to explain what might have happened.

* NOTE: Something I have ALWAYS emphasized is this: Do not consider candle burning magical spells to be 100% guaranteed effective. If you are hearing something like this – even is you are misconstrued in my writings – you must think about it. A candle service will not EVER bring you what you want 100% of the time. It is the Higher Power that will determine what you can have in this world and how you get it. think of a handicapped person. They may have been born that way or was injured in an accident. This was something that the Maker (God, Jehovah, etc.) determined that this Soul was to experience. Your trials will only do tow things – either will make you stronger, like steel being forged in the fire, or break you, to make you realize a lesson that you need to experience.

* Regarding Employment : You live in California, which has 12% unemployment at the time this is written. Now, without knowing your field, I cannot determine whether or not your talents and/or occupational field is a “dinosaur” or is a dying trade. I also cannot determine if you actively did job search and was proactive in  your own employment search. No offense meant, there are some who ask for a candle to be burned for them – they sit on the couch and watch television all day. HUH? I scratch my head thinking, “Watching Judge Judy and Oprah isn’t going to feed them when the cupboard is bare”. So, my question to YOU is – did you investigate going back to school, whether trade, technical or junior college?  Did you dress for success everyday and go out and visit at least five places everyday? Did you re-visit those same places a week later? Is your resume in top shape? Are you applying online everywhere you can think of? I recently watched a Dr. Phil show where the wife was at wit’s end because the husband was being “too selective” where he was looking for a job and it had been two years that he had been laid off. The family was broke, depleting their savings and the wife was working two jobs. Dr. Phil basically told him to go wash dishes until something else came along. Bringing in SOME money was better than NO money.

* Regarding your Home : If you cannot afford your home, either refinance it or rent it out and live in an apartment. If you were one of those who took the “deal that was too go to be true”, this is why some many family homes are underwater – they bought a house with NO MONEY DOWN, qualified with some ‘numbers crunching’ (yeah, right) and gambled that they were going to be able to make that ballon payment in two years. Look, 7 years ago, I had my three girls and my guys one son. We made it work in a three bedroom home. We knew that within three years, one by one, they were going to fly the coop – which is what they SHOULD do. We are not able to handle our mortgage despite how the economy is doing.

What I am getting at is this – don’t expect a candle to DO EVERYTHING. A candle is a constant symbol burning  to remind you that you trust that God (or Buddha, Allah, etc.) will not FORSAKE you and that you will do everything in your might to make it work. Tough times do not last forever; it is the Universes was to ‘cut the fat’ and teach us to live humbly. A candle will not make people go out and look for YOU – you must go out and GET IT.  Think of  a bird; no refrigerator, no stove, yest it works all day to get the food it needs. Somehow, it wakes up the next day. Some birds DO die of starvation – not because of lack of looking for it, but lack of food availability.

You must be that bird – constantly searching endlessly for your survival.

So now, what can you do?

* Burn candles on your own. I have always advocated doing your own candles for yourself. You are more intimately connected to the situation then me and you might not express all the details to me in the consultation.

* Re-connect with Spirit. Maybe more time with the Maker  in meditation or prayer is needed to ‘get the message through’.

* Do everything you can do to provide for yourself and your family.

* Learn from your experience and resolve not to repeat them. I have has some ‘whammy’ times where I fell, but I always get back up. “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, try again.”

Good Luck and God Bless. Keep us posted on your candle work.



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