Green and Black Reversible Candle – Debt, Bill or Creditor Banishing Candle Spell

The Green and Black Candle Reversible Candle has been around forever but I have experimented with this candle for the past few months and I am definitely seeing some positive results from my candle burning spells with the Green and Black Candle.

Traditionally, these reversible candles were used to send money jinxes to people like your enemies, but I have found a new way to use the for GOOD and not EVIL.

Recently, I have had an old bill surface from 1997 that I thought was taken care of, but was not. I decided to “bite the bullet” and take care of my responsibilities as a great number of Americans are doing now with paying off debt and saving money. I made arrangements with the company to send in a certain amount of money each month. A few days later, I was picking up supplies at the candle wholesale company and spied the green and black reversible candle. I picked up a bunch to do some work with them.

After some research about the negative work that are traditionally done with these candles, I decided to “test drive” a spell on myself. Since the color black is negativity and green symbolizes money, I tried this spell on myself and my current financial obligation.

The results: In two weeks I have made two payments towards this bill because I have made enough money in my business to pay this amount easily and without any deficit to the budget for the family! AMAZING!

Now, I am not one to just believe right off the bat, so I did this candle spell twice more, and the same results happened! They say, “Three times the charm”, so I am publishing this candle spell so that YOU can take care of those old, lingering debts that are hanging over your head like Damascule’s sword.

This candle spell has to be performed for a specific bill or collection agency that has been plaguing you.

IMPORTANT * You need to begin this candle the last two days before the Moon turns Full so you will have to go onto the Internet to determine when the Moon changes to Full and calculate 24 hours back from that time.

* White piece of paper
* Green and Black Reversible Candle
* Bill or Creditor’s notice
* Money Drawing Anointing Oil

On a clean white piece of paper, write across the middle – “I attract Money to Pay this Bill”

Turn the paper sideways so that the line you just wrote is vertically up and down.

Write “I banish this Bill with the Money I attract”

Draw a circle around this “cross” of words and the final look will be of a gun scope cross hairs.

Clean candle as directed on the website. Make three hold in the top in a triangular pattern. Pour Money Drawing Oil in the holes.

Hold candle and sit in a quiet area and meditate on bringing in the money for this bill and sending the money to these creditors you owe. Imagine them being happy that you are taking care of your responsibilities and the weight being taken off your shoulders of one less person wanting your money. Pray Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”) or The Our Father.

Place bill and paper on large plate or Pyrex pie dish. Place candle on top. Light candle.

Take 5 minutes of your morning each day to pray the Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”) or The Our Father before heading out the door to work or take care of your business.

Burn these candles continuously until the bill or creditor is satisfied.

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