Readers Question | How Do I Put Out a Candle for a Candle Spell?

I was wondering when turning off a candle. Is there a certain way? Should you blow it out, cover it so it can turn off on its own, or pinch out fire?

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This was really a timely and authentic question, but I kept from posting it fir awhile because of the many grammatical and punctuation errors that were originally in the question. I been so busy answering other questions that I didn’t have time to correct the errors!

Two Rules to Follow when Extinguishing Candles from Your Candle Spell

1. When you are completely done or finished with your candle spell and you do not need to work the spell any longer, you may blow your candle out. Do not reuse the candle. Blowing out the candle tellsthe Universe you are finished with this intent. Toss in trash can.

2. If you need to extinguish your candle spell (because of leaving the home, for one), use a candle snuffer or wet your fingers with saliva and “pinch it out” (meaning to quickly move thumb and index finger towards wick and using the saliva, snuff the flame). You may also use a brass or metal candle snufter as well. This candle can now be re-lit for your candle magic when you return without any further anointing or dressing of the candle.





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