White Mother’s Day Candle Spell | An In Remembrance Ancestor Altar

Sunday, May 9, 2010 is Mother’s Day and a time to honor your mother. Since many do not have their Mom on this earthly plane any longer, you can still honor her with this simple candle spell.

I chose the candle of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the color white to symbolize Peace, Blessing and Remembrance. Mother’s Day for the Mexican community is always May 10th, despite what day it falls on, so this years many gift and flower shops will have a long holiday getting out those gifts.

La Guadalupe is the one that almost everyone in the Southwest turns to when in need. She is the “Protectress of the Americas”, both north and south, and her story is a wonderful one that tells of the introduction of the Catholic faith to the indigenous Indians of Tepayac


1 white 7-day “Novena” type Our Lady of Guadalupe Candle

1 White Rose or Carnation in vase

1 small glass of spring water

1 small glass of sweet liquor or wine

1 small pastry or  a few fancy cookies (on white or clear glass plate)

Photo of your Mother (no one else that is currently living can be in the photo, however, another person who has passed can be in photo)

Make a corner in a quiet area of the home or the farthest corner of the living or family room. Place small table or chest there and cover with white tablecloth, small sheet or doily.

Arrange photo of your Mother (singe shot of her and without no one else in photo), as well as flower in small vase, glass of water, glass of wine and plate of sweets in front of photo. Place cleaned candle (see how to properly clean a candle by clicking  HERE) to one side of offering. Light candle and say a prayer for the soul of your Mother. Talk to her a bit, asking her that she ‘join in the festivities’ of the day and that her Spirit will find enjoyment in seeing her offspring and grandchildren. Make sure the take the grandchildren over to see her photo so that they can know their grandmother or great-grandmother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I miss you more than I can say.


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