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Dear Jacqueline,

I am writing to you about how I took you candle spell and added a little more “oomph” to it candle wise, and I got my man to commit to a relationship. I used your pink St. Jude Candle Spell anointed with Come to Me Oil and added a photo of him, a lock of his hair and a Red Candle anointed with Fire of Love Oil.

I wrote in a circle on the back of the picture an incantation that I wanted hime to want only me, placed the lock of hair on top of it, placed the pink St. Jude candle on top of that and the red candle next to it. I started this on the New Moon in April and it took only 8 days before he sent me a letter saying that he wanted me to be there for him when he gets back (he’s away right now).

I never had the confidence to do candle spells on my own and always went to this candle store in town and they would light candles for me but now I am going to continue to keep reading your site.

I have a question, can I ask questions about my candle work like candle colors and types of oils by contacting you?

Thank you and God bless you!




Thank you for sharing your candle success! I hope that the two of you will be together soon – in the same place!

Your letter brings up a good point, you can change up ANY candle spell to make it more personal or more your “own” and you can work your own candle magic on your own as well. All you have to do is follow the right candle color, follow the Moon cycle (not all do this) and use the proper ingredients. Is there any wrong way to make chocolate chip cookies? No – just some have walnuts, or pecans, or have double chocolate chips, or  even M &M’s in it. Does that make them wrong?  Nah, enjoy each and every variation on a candle spell as you are eliminating the wrong items and fine tuning to use all the good stuff.

Congratulations on your success. My only comment is to use red candles sparingly as too much red will make it more of a physical thing, which is not totally wrong, but if romance, respect and exclusivity is what you want, use more pink candles.

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