Free Candle Spells | Expectations in Candle Burning – A Commentary

I recently had a client who was having love and financial problems in the form of a mortgage situation. She first contacted me in early April with a few questions. We briefly communicated back and forth, and then she committed to having some candles burned as a result of my suggestions.

I lit the candles and for a day it seemed that al was going good. Then the signs came up during the candle burn.

First, one of the two pink candles used in the love spell didn’t burn right. While one was burning correctly, the other had only burned a 3/4 inch opening in the wax – just enough to allow the candle flame to pass. This candle went on for about another day, then went out on its own. The other candle burned brightly until the end. Here’s a photo

Both of these candles were purchased at the same place and lit at the same time. They were side by side in the same environment on my Altar.  In all of my candle burning days, this has only happened twice and both in love spells. can it be technical, like a bad candle pour from the manufacturer? Sure – but these are the same candles  used all the time, bought form the same place.

Given a little information about the couple, I told the client that one has much stronger feelings for the other and the love is not reciprocated as strongly by the other.

Then, about a day and a half later, her other candles started their antics. The court case candle I was burning for her cracked and the wax was oozing out all over the side of the candle, until the flame went out. Her second court case candle went as as well mid way on the burn. I told her that this is not a good sign and that this party in the situation will not be one that she can overcome.

I get an e-mail a week later with this comment:

your candles didn’t help

I then responded by giving some deeper explanation of Faith in God to make these choices for you, but the return e-mails became more of a accusatory tone as if I was at fault for the candles not “helping”.

Candle burning is not the be-all-and-end-all to a difficult situation. It is a plea, a prayer for help from God, the Angels and the Saints. It is a method of connecting with the Spiritual by turning over the decision of the outcome to the Higher Power. It is applying an offering and prayer in a better outcome for you, but ultimately leaving the decision to the Just Judge – God.

Something to consider is that one set of candles is not touted to be the only thing that you have to do. It may take more than one set of candles to get the job done. I have people who light candles constantly so that their situation is always right before God’s eyes. It is a reminder to the recipient that there is something that needs constant attention until the condition improves. I burn green candles for prosperity constantly – for myself. I am a mother of children and I will constantly provide for them. I do not light candles for myself strictly when times are tough but in times of good as well. Setting lights for myself is my way of thanking the Higher Power for the good times and the bad.

You don’t take the newest diet pill touted by the movie stars then go and plow through a double cheese  McWhopper with a hit-me-king-sized fries and a 2 liter cup size of soda, right? Why would you light a candle to get you out of a situation, only to invite the same pattern of behavior in the front door again?

Another consideration is that lighting a candle and not doing practical groundwork on your own success is setting yourself up for a disappointment. Take a couple for instance, if the two of them had a fight and one walks out, the other had better do more than just light a candle and sit on the couch until the other comes back. No, it takes the other to run after the one that left, call them and try some resolution to the matter. If you think you are looking like a fool for trying to reestablish communications right away, how much more badly will you feel when the other is driving around with a new love in their car?

In money and financial situations, lighting a candle and spending like it is going out of style isn’t going to resolve the problem, either. An example is when many people bought homes that were overpriced, or took out second mortgages on top of the first mortgage, or bought multiple houses with the intention of “flipping” them, then either got ‘burned’ by a lender or couldn’t sell the houses, the problem is greed, overstepping your boundaries, and lack of common  sense. Lighting a candle is not going to change bad decisions BUT lighting a candle ad doing everything you can to work with the lender and mortgage company  WILL get you farther. Your sincere humbleness and piety will come out and soften your voice when you are angry at the bank, your sense of Godliness will hold you up when sitting in a chair at the loan company. The knowledge from the Almighty will guide your decisions.

It is the samrt and thoughtful participant that is going to lay the groundwork on candle spells success and do everything in their power to make those positive changes that will bring a higher rate of candle ritual success for all their personal situations.


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