Readers Question | What Does “Tear Drops” on a Candle Mean?


I burned a free standing candle and there was a ball on top of the wick that looked like a heart, later, it burned off and the wax dripped on one siide of the candle forming a dolphin shape and then a pile of wax as the dolphins tail which was oozing wax until it hardened. The dripping of the wax remained. What does that mean?



Dear Yaa (?),

I would have to ask you – what do dolphins and hearts mean to you? You do not indicate what the candle was intended for nor what herbs, oils and petition papers you used for it. Unless you provide me more description, I can easily say that a heart means love and dolphins can mean a beach vacation in Hawaii (NOT REALLY!  I am pulling your leg!)

Readers – I post this question as an example of what NOT TO SEND to for candle spell divination or candle burning divination as it will get regulated to the file labeled ‘Just Too Hard to Figure Out”.

Please submit things like the following:

1.) Reason you did the Candle Spell

2.) Herbs, Oils, Sachets and Petition Papers used

3.) Color of Candle (Free Standing or Glass Encalsed as well)

4.) YOUR Personal Outcome of the Candle Burn

If you can provide something more than our sample copy letter, please send it in!

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