Free Candle Spells | “Black Moon” Lore and Legend | A Rare and Unique Moon

Perhaps one of the things that I have never heard about until recently despite all my years of candle burning is the occurrence of a “Black Moon”. This is not something out of a science fiction magazine or fairy tale; a second New Moon that occurs during a 30 day month or under the guise of an astrological sign is called a Black Moon.

Obscure, it is said to open portals to other dimensions parallel to ours and is known by those who practice ceremonial magic. It is said that contact with ghosts, fairies and the Ascended Masters can be easy during this Moon. I have been told that those who practice the Wiccan religious belief system are aware of this very rare occurrence.

The special event known as a double New Moon or “Black Moon” is associated with using your consciousness in an altered state, so that you are aware of hidden knowledge is attainable for you. It has been said that creating a ‘Wish List” petition of ten entries on what you would like to obtain or attain should be constructed during the first eight hours of the Black Moon’s lunation time. To Wiccans, the second New Moon is an especially powerful time to cast spells.

The next Black Moon will occur on July 31, 2011 in the astrological sign of Leo.


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