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Hi Jacqueline,

It is me again my second question is that I started burning st jude pink candles since December 2009. Last week, I lit up one and it was burning good and I noticed that 1/2 of the glass was cracked.

Can you please explain to me why the glass crack from top and stop on the way?


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When you say ‘crack from the top and stop on the way’, I can only imagine that you mean that it did not appear when you began the candle spell but after and it stopped only half way down the side of the glass, leaving part of it intact.

So, let’s work on the physical side – assuming there was not a hairline crack or chip in the candle, then we can say the candle was whole when candle spell started. Sometimes, when the manufacturer pours the liquid wax, and if they do not have a taut wick, the wick will “float” over to one side of the candle and up against the glass. Then when the flame has sufficiently heated up the side ofthe glass, it cracks or breaks completely off – a FIRE HAZARD – and the reason I always, always, ALWAYS say to place candle in cereal bowl, aluminum pie pan or small sandwich saucer for protection. You did not say that the sides of the candle glass was sooty or ‘blackened’, so I am going to assume that this is not the case.

Sometimes, there is a bubble or other glass manufacturing error that can be taken into consideration in this matter.

Now for the spiritual side. Candles that crack are breaking a situation – whether good or for bad. A St. Jude candle, of which you are burning for love because of the color pink – is a sign that something is ‘busting forth’ or about the change because of its’ cracking. Either the ‘thing’ that was holding you back from love has been removed or that you have made a ‘breakthrough’ in your journey for a love. I would suggest that you continue to burn pink St. Jude candles until your love comes into view.

Keep us posted on the outcome!




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