Readers Question | Is it Better to Light Candle with the Moon?

I have a question. I see some people use the Moon as a guide to light candles and some do not. Which is better?



Good question! You are absolutely right – some people use the powers of the Moon’s phases to give their candle burning spells and extra “kick”, and some do not. In may traditions, working with the Moon was important to success and even one’s own belief system, while others felt that if the ‘work’ was needed to be done NOW – then light the candle, despite whether the Moon was waxing or waning.

NOTE for new Readers: A “Waxing” Moon is when the Moon goes for “dark” or completely unable to see (dark sky) to completely round (Full). This means this is the time for “bringing in” good things – love, money, new job, now love, – you get the picture. A “Waning” Moon is the two weeks or so when the Moon goes from Full Moon status to completely dark – meaning no Moon in the sky. During this time, preform works of “banishment” – sending away bills, bad boyfriends (or girlfriends), nosy neighbors, funky feelings and hey, debt. You are asking the Universe to perform a “purge” of your psychic bowels so you can be healed and be ready for positive action again when the Moon is waxing again.

When I have a need to light a candle ,whether it is for a client or not, I do take into consideration what they are asking of me. I ponder – Is it going to be more effective that I wait until the right Moon or does the dynamics of the situation cause me to light this candle spell to burn for them right away? In my personal experience, I use both ways, depending on the severity of the situation.

Another thought I have been telling clients is that use one thing to focus on and burn candles throughout the month. How can you do this? Let me explain.

Let’s say that the subject is MONEY – something we all need and can use. During the Dark-to-Light (or Waxing Moon) burn candles to bring in money to pay of the bills. Make sure you fashion your petition paper in that manner and also make sure you use any monies coming in for that reason; to pay the bills. Then, from the Light-to-Dark phase of the Moon, called “Waning”, write your petition papers to state that you are banishing bills out of your life forever, and use a black candle or a Reversible Candle on the petition paper.

Hope this answered your question. Thanks for asking.


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