Readers Question | Using Hi John on a Black Candle for an Enemy

How do I use a regular black candle to stop someone from trying to break up my marriage and can I use high john the conqueror oil on the black candle?



You have asked me just recently about using Hi John the Conqueror Oil for a substitution for Revenge Oil in a candle. Please see this article that addressed the uses of Hi John back on February 8, 2010. The article name is Readers Question |Hi John for Revenge Oil in a Spell. You can click on this blue name and go right to the article.

High John the Conqueror (sometimes known as “John the Conker” as slang/Southern drawl) is an oil to enhance specifically a man’s sexual prowess and muscular and mental powers of control for issues of employment, business dealings and gambling. It IS ture that you CAN use it to ENHANCE the powers of ANOTHER OIL, but John the Conqueror cannot be used as the sole oil in a candle spell, unless it is for a man to enhance his powers of attraction.

So, let’s play “Devil’s Advocate”. Before we get into any magical issues, how are you with this man? Are you being all that you can be as a woman? Have you sat down with him and talked to him, expressing your fears or suspicions of another woman coming around? Has he been acting suspicious? Erasing text messages and hiding his cell phone? Has he been ‘working late’?

So, let’s assume you are being a good, honest and forthright woman he just has someone bringing her ‘thang’ around for him to sniff like a dog. First, you need a name, photo, piece of hair, cigarette butt, used napkin, Q-tip, used tissue – whatver – to make a most powerful jinx spell.

If this is not the case, you need as much information as you can get on her. I a worst case scenario, you can write on a parchment paper

“That B*%$H that is coming around my husband needs to be dead, done and gone!”

This can be burned under a black candle dressed with Crossing Oil, Jinxing Oil, Damnation Oil, Run, Devil, Run Oil, Hot Foot Oil or any other kind of chasing and jinxing oil. I have even seen something called “G.T.F.O.” Oil (meaning Get the F%&K Out – c’mon you figured it out, too). It is WITH THESE types of oils that you can add some Hi John to boost the power of the oil to a much stronger level.

Hope this clarifies everything. Good Luck!



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