Readers Question | Crown of Success Candle Spells for College Son?

Hello Jacqueline,

My second oldest son who in college seems to be having difficulty with-his college classes this semester. Is there anything he can do to pass his classes he uses crown of success and he recently brought your sister attraction oil and he rubs it on his palms and neck what else can he do to acheive success?


Have him get a yellow 7-day vigil or novena candle in glass (like the ones in the Latino foods aisle at your local market) and clean it using lemon juice or Florida Water and drill three holes in it like this (cleaning out the extra wax shards). Then fill each well with Crown of Success Oil. Have him burn this candle while he studies. When it gets low, get a new one going.

Another thing is that he might want to create a little Vision Board to place behind the candle. This could be as simple as a collage that consists of magazine advertisements taped or glued to a cardboard or construction paper background.  The images needed to be included would be a photo of a graduate, photos of bags of money, fancy car, gorgeous women, a desk in an office, a home – basically all the things a good college education will bring you.  You can even start this Vision Board as soon as they are in middle school to keep them focused.

Another thing is that he should anoint his temples and across his forehead at the hairline with the Crown of Success Oil before he begins his studying – and of course, light this candle. Light the candle only when he is studying, and pinch the flame out or extinguish it with a candle snuffer (don’t BLOW it OUT as that means you are DONE with the SPELL).

Rubbing it on the back of the neck at the base of the head harkens back to old African American beliefs that the Soul of a person is located where the head meets the neck.

Now, for the common sense – give him a space that is peaceful and quiet during his study times – might be a little hard to do, after all, he is, (ahem) IS in college! I am sure he will be distracted by all the ‘college life’ that is surrounding him – BUT – as a mom you can make sure he can ‘come home’ on the weekends, make sure you have lots of good, soul satisfying food on hand, and do his laundry (maybe lacing your liquid laundry detergent with Crown of Success and a little of Controlling Oils – just in case). It will be all good.

God Bless him and I want a photo of that handsome man in his cap and gown!

All the Best,


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