Readers Questions | Commentary on Eben’s Vinegar Jar Spell

Jacqueline, I was wondering if perhaps Eben changed the vinegar to the Four Thieves Vinegar, and adds along with the chili (I’ve made a blend of habanero, chili piquin in my magic bullet) and added some poppy seed (for confusion and to drive away enemies) and some black peppercorns, black mustard seed, some black salt and some urine…if this may give him a boost. Although Mary Laveau had a simple recipe of placing the name of who you want to leave on a paper and put it in a jar and cover with the FTV and throw it in moving water picturing them “moving” away. Not sure, just a suggestion? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I do have background knowledge that Eben is a practitioner or certain magical practices that use many herbs that you describe, but there are some things to consider:

Eben’s ‘recipe’ may have varied a little from your suggestions, but doesn’t make it ‘bad’ or anything like that.  One thing Eben WAS doing was giving it a ‘time factor’; he was trying to use it successfully while the ‘other person’ was away for three months. One thing that practitioners have to remember is that ultimately, all decisions are finalized with the “Just Judge” – the Higher Power in every religious belief system that administers Justice – whether you want to call that power God, Krishna, Buddha, etc. – it is ultimately ‘out of your hands’ in a sense. Your petition may be HEARD, but was not acted on because of circumstances that you may not be aware of.

Now, again, your mixture may be more potent as well. Love the idea of poppy seeds. I tell people, magic is sometimes like a chocolate cake; maybe your Granny used mayonnaise and my mom used leftover coffee, but the core ingredients – flour, sugar, cocoa and eggs – are the same. We just have to “tweak” (my word) the spell a bit to get it to work right.

I hope that Eben is reading and will comment on our readers entry. It’s a good one. Thank you for your input and suggestion!




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