Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply | Elk Grove – Sacramento, CA

Lucky 13 Clover, an Internet and small retail spiritual supply business, is located in Elk Grove, CA (near Sacramento, CA). The hours vary, depending on day and time of year. Calling first at (916) 284 – 5552 is always a certainty.

Lucky 13 Clover has a portion of the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. and a representation of the Motor City Hoo Doo Product line.  Many clients come for consultations and order custom blened oils, which are kept on file to replicte for you when your supply runs out.

The owner is a graduate of the Lucky Mojo Company Root Worker Course and is a retailer of the Lucky Mojo Brand of spiritual products. Lucky 13 Clover has recently expanded its’ line to include Motor City Hoo Doo Anointing Oils and will be previewing the Mojo Moon spiritual products line in the very near future.

Order your Lucky Mojo Oils by clicking here

In addition, Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply has begun making their own spiritual products in the old time Southern Louisiana method of hoodoo and root work. Check back weekly as new product is added all the time.

The Motor City Hoo Doo Oil line is a creation of the candle making company, Coventry Creations and their highly fragranced oils are delightful with their old time images and typeface. The Money Drawing Oil is a potent one for getting the cash flowing into your home as I have used it personally myself!

To order Motor City Hoo Doo Oils, click here.

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