Free Candle Spells | Cleo May/Cleo Mae Anointing Oil

The traditional love drawing anointing oil to attract a wealthy,well-to-do man, is the formula called “Cleo May” or “Cleo Mae” Oil. In the past, this was the preferred perfume fragrance for prostitutes to use to draw in a good paying customer who will continue to come back to them. The ‘girls’ on Rampart Street in New Orleans would visit the apothecary shoppes in the French Quarter to buy this special blend on money and love drawing oil. The herbs used in the oil were ones that magically kept the wearer on their mind; especially important when vying with other ‘working girls’ for their livelihood. This is not your ‘traditional’ love and money drawing oil.

In this day and age, the “Cleo May” product line has a new meaning it is used by women who want to date men who can lavish them with baubles and nights on the town. The wearer bathes in the bath crystals, dusts on sachet power and anoints herself with the oil. The type of man that this Condition and Anointing Oil will bring are men who may be in business for themselves -whether it is legitimate or not – and for men who will want to ‘pick up the whole tab’ – meaning an apartment, clothes, cars and the like. In exchange, she will give him her body and attention as he pleases. This is not a love oil to end in marriage, but one in which the baseline effect is the exchange of sex for money.

The type of woman who chooses to wear this fragrance would be one who may be a Hollywood starlet, those who are fascinated by a musician or sports star and want to be in his ‘entourage’, girls who encourage gamblers and ‘high rollaz’ and might frequent casinos, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It is also used for suburban moms who have a need to ‘work’ part time in the trade while their children are at school.

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