Readers Questions | What is Waning and Waxing with the Moon?

Hi Jacqueline

You have an awesome site! I couldn’t undrestand the waxing, winding, new moon ect…..When is the best day or what situation should be the moon for good luck?




Hi Ralph,

The time from the New Moon (meaning when the sky is dark until there is a full circle in the sky) is auspicious, or very lucky for bringing in good things – like money, lovers, jobs, business, etc. The Moon  is considered to be “waxing” at this time. This is a two week period for you to burn candles to bring in anything positive  that you need.

The two week period from the first night of the Full Moon (full circle Moon until completely dark in the sky) is considered a time that the Moon is “waning”. This is the Moon time to work “banishing”, “reversible”, or “revenge” – type of work. You are working with the dark aspects of the Moon. This is for getting rid of bad girlfriends, gossipy co-workers, nosy neighbors – anyone who vexes you and just causes drama that you don’t need. You can also use this time for habits like smoking, biting your nails, etc.

To find out where and when each Moon is going to occur, continue to read the Free Candle Spells site or invest in a subscription to one of the Horoscope magazines or seek an ephemeris on the Internet.

Thanks for the good question!


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