The Prosperity Experiment | January 16, 2010 – 30 Days to More Wealth in 2010!

January is a pivotal month for many.

The children are going back to school after the Holidays, which may have strained the pocketbook. Those extended working hours and seasonal employment are now reduced. Even if you planned for the Holidays, you probably overspent. Heating homes cost more. These are just some of the many challenges of the season that will be a concern to us.

I am declaring the month of January as the month of Prosperity!!

October is Prosperity month!

It is a time for thankfulness and new beginnings – of the blessings we have already received through the year and a time to concentrate on having a successful New Year 2010.

I invite you to join me in a very special experiment
only open to 30 clients and readers of Free-Candle-Spells.

Participation is a donation of $30.00 per person to cover the costs of materials,
candles I will be burning on your behalf, etc.

I want you to make a commitment to gather with others just like you who want to raise the vibrations of their wealth and prosperity talents and partake in a daily walk to prosperity with me.

If you partake of this experiment, you will receive:

  • A Daily Prosperity Inspirational Meditation to think upon throughout your day as a mantra or chant to encourage you to seek out all and every money making opportunity.
  • I will be praying over 6 anointed and blessed candles (one lit for you every 5 days) for each person throughout the entire 30 days.
  • An Inspirational CD of music and meditations to listen while driving to work or while in the privacy of your sacred space.
  • A FREE downloadable book that was the inspiration for the author of “The Secret”

This is what I am going to to do for you throughout the 30 days :

~~A weekly report on each of the 6 candles I am burning for you.

~~A photograph of each candle to show that your candle is on the Money Altar.

~~Your candles will be prayed over by me once in the morning and once at night throughout the 30-day experiment.

~~A special time set aside once a week where we will all be in prayer at the same time.

~~A daily e-mail with a devotional meditation for you and I to focus on throughout the day.

To participate, click on the “Buy Now” button below before January 16, 2010 to have “mo’ money” flowing your way!

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Thank you for your interest but we have begun or service. Please register for news on the next Prosperity experiment (mid-year) by registering at my newsletter page at Tarot by Jacqueline Newsletter

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