Free Candle Spells | History of the “Blue Moon” – Blue Moon on Dec. 31st

Not only will it be New Year’s Eve and a Full Moon (perfect for the Banishing Ritual) but it will also be a “Blue Moon”, a rare occurrence when two Full Moons occur within a 31 day month.  A Blue Moon is the name given to the second Full Moon as there is not a special title to the first Full Moon within that month; it is simply call the Full Moon. This does not happen very much and can only possibly occur during the months of July, August, and  October as most Moon Cycles are about 28 days between each Full Moon. Each astrological sign has a Full Moon that occurs in its’ sign, during the time that that zodiac sign rules.

The Blue Moon in The United States is considered a symbol of good fortune, but it is said that in Europe, it is considered a indicator of harsh weather and many get ‘the blues’ or feel uncomfortably sad during that time.

In the Celtic and Native American Traditions, each of the 12 Moons have a specific name and purpose and the 13th Moon can be called the Blue Moon.

Here is an article link to a piece written by Katerina Reif-Derrico titled, Blue Moon Origins and Traditions”. Click the title to read this great article.

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