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Tarot by Jacqueline
Greetings All!
As you may know, I am also a tarot card reader and I also use Obi divination for my clients during their consultation with me. The Free Candle Spells website is for you to share with me your spells and I to post successful spells that I have done to empower you.

Obi Divination with Cowrie ShellsAll Saints AltarOffering to Ochun by the River

My e-mails list has grown to over 4,000 clients and friends that I am forced to change to a new way to notify you of special events and such. Sending out small groups of notices does not work anymore, so I have joined another part of the Get Response team with development of a new newsletter system.

Since I will be phasing out posting  specials, events and such on this forum, please consider clicking this button below and going to the site to register for these very special promotions.

As you also may know, I continue to write more about the tarot, astrology, psychics and more on my other blog, Tarot by Jacqueline Blog . Click the words and go to it to read up on what I am saying over there!

P.S. – If you have photos of your candle spells, please send them in! Please also send in your questions and comments so that your wisdom can be shared with others!


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