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First let me say that I have read many of your spells and after doing so research, I consider them some of the most authentic and true spells I have ever seen – and that’s coming from Memphis!

I am ready for a relationship and I have been burning the St. Jude candles for love in my candle spells as you have instructed but to no avail. I meet someone and it looks good for a few weeks, then – poof- he’s gone. Some take the time to tell me they want to go back to their ex, but some just don’t call back. I think I am following the instructions right, so what can I be doing wrong?


Thank you for your compliments regarding the spells. I truly ‘test drive’ them, either with clients or on my family and myself, because I do not want to just give you a ‘pat answer’ to a candle spell problem. Lets go over a few things that I got an inkling on what might be the problem.

1. Are you truly ready for a relationship? – Your life may be too busy to support a relationship. If you find yourself having to ‘juggle’ a spur-of-the-moment date invitation, or you have to reschedule a dinner out, this might be a ‘red flag’ to a fella that you are hard to pin down and may be an indicator of not having time to nurture a relationship. Once a guy has his ‘eyes on you’, he wants to be able to take you out at a moment’s notice – something that is getting harder and harder to do anymore. You might want to consider freeing up some of your weekend and weeknights ‘just in case’.

2. Are you truly ready for a relationship? – Part 2 – Have you gotten over your last love? If you have not put that past relationship ‘to bed’, then you will always be pining for your old flame and comparing the new man with the last lover – and you wouldn’t want to be in that situation, would you?  It is O.K. to be single for awhile – until your heart has healed and you are filled with a hope that you WILL INDEED fine a perfect mate for you.

3. Do you gravitate towards the same character of a person? – True story: For many years, I was attracted to Latin men – that dark hair, dark eyes thing got me every time. Was this a good thing for me? NO – my personality and theirs always clashed. Why? I dunno, but I think it has got to do with my independent streak. I was like a diabetic in a candy shop – so good but so bad for me. That is when my Madrina (Godmother) told me to use the Saint Jude pink candles and give Him and God the freedom to send to me the one that was ‘right’ for me. And it happened, but I had to stop the stereotypes tape playing in my psyche. I had to accept whomever God placed in my path – no matter what – in orderto have true and lasting love.

4. Is there a pattern developing? – Can you see any correlation in the days of break up or the length of time each new relationship? This might be a time for a good reading to see if there is a ‘jinx’ or ‘curse’ placed on you by a jilted lover or a jilted lover’s ex – they want revenge sometimes as well. It would also be good to check with family members while in casual conversation, to see if anyone else knows of hard times in the love department or is there a generational curse. They really do happen.

5. Proper cleaning, charging, and burning of candles – Are you substituting one oil or product for another? Are you charging your candles during your menstrual period? Are you distracted by fear of being overheard by family or roommates? The telephone ringing? Kids yelling? Are you fearful of a fire? Have you found a place in your home to burn candles in complete peace and safety? Are you approaching your candles with a “I hope it works” or a “Please let it work” attitude? Is your heart really into it?

6. Are you skimping on steps? – Are you altering your spiritual consultant’s suggestion to do an offering? a series of baths? a thorough house cleaning? You might want to begin all over and start with a good housecleaning and a series of baths to cleanse you BEFORE beginning candle work.

Hopefully these are a good way to eliminate problems in your candle burning and will allow good things – and a love – into your life.

All my best to you,


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