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Last week, I wrote a blog post on positive signs that your candle burning spell was going good. This is the continuation of a series regarding candle spells.

This is a listing of some of the negative signs in candle spell work.

The Candle does not burn/goes out: This could mean that the candle was not properly cleaned or blessed. It is also a sign of heavy negative vibrations that you are working against. You can re-light this candle and bolster it with an additional white candle with “Blessing” Anointing or Condition oil on it. In some traditions, re-lighting a candle is not permitted. You will then need to get a new candle and start over. If you are trying to dominate or overcome another, the candle going out might mean that this is not the proper spell to use in the situation. If this is for prosperity or monetary gain, then another type of spiritual cleaning (house or personal) is needed before success in this area.

The Candle glass cracks: If this is for personal safety and protection, then a cracked glass means that the negative vibes sent your way has been broken. Once this happens, do a whole house spiritual cleaning with Chinese Wash and smudge before doing positive candle work to bring in ‘good things’. If this candle was used to control another’s action, then you have successfully ‘broken’ their Will and they will be more compliant with you.

The Candle burns only on one side: This means that something was not done correctly in the ‘charging’ and ‘blessing’ of the candle. The candle spell needs to be reconstructed as you will only achieve a 50% success rate on this candle spell.

The Candle flame is very low/almost non-existent:If this candle is for protection, there is strong resistance to your protection and someone may be trying to do work against you. If this is for Good Luck or Money Drawing, you need to spiritually ‘deep clean’ your home. If you are trying to dominate or send negativity to someone, it means that the candle spell is not strong enough and you should re-think and try another candle spell.

The Candle glass explodes:If you are trying to control or wish someone harm and the candle glass breaks, it means that the other person is being protected and you will not be successful with this type of candle spell. If it is for protection for you, it means that the candle ‘blocked’ the negativity that someone is sending to you. If it is a reversible candle (meaning sending something back to another or reversing something to an original state), a exploding candle with full glass breakage means a lot of negativity



The Candle glass burns the top half of the glass black:If the top of the glass is the only part that is black or sooty, then your candle spell was initially facing a lot of negativity, but it overpowered the negative vibes and is now working for you in a positive way.

The Candle glass burns the bottom of the glass black: If the candle was burning clean and clear at the beginning of the candle spell and then it turned black or sooty towards the last one half or one quarter of the candle, then your spell was ‘found out’ by someone and efforts were implemented to thwart your progress. Your candle is now facing heavy opposition and you will need to ‘back it up’ with a white candle with “Blessing” oil to stabilize it. Eventually, you will need to re-do the candle spell.

The Candle burns the complete inside of the glass black:If the glass is completely or in a consistent manner, and can be considered sooty or black more than 80% through the whole candle burn, then it means that there are people and things that are after you. This is a sign of very negative witchcraft or a person has really got it out for you. A deep cleaning of your home and surroundings is first and foremost, by many different methods (water, salt, candles, incense or smoke smudging, plus others), before you can begin this candle spell again. If this spell was for you to control, dominate or send back something to another, you will probably not be successful in your candle spell, unless circumstances change and you have an alternate method to do spell work on them. They are heavily protected.

The Candle flame went out during the burn: If this candle spell was for protection, you may not have prepared the candle right (either by cleansing, blessing or your petition paper). You will need to re-do the candle spell as negative vibes are being sent your way to stop you in trying to protect yourself. If you were burning this candle for action towards someone else, it was detected and candles were burned to keep your influence from reaching them.

The Candle appears to go out, then relights itself: This indicates that while negative forces are attempting to stop your candle spell work, your petition is justified and it is ‘fighting’ back to stay lit.



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