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I get quite a few calls about positive signs in candle burning for a candle spell and I thought it might be beneficial that I combine them in one article for you to browse and compare your candle as to there it is going or how it is ‘acting’ while your candle burns. Here are some common signs to look for in a positive candle burn.


The Candle has a high flame: This is a sign that the spell is going well and is being effective for your petition and for your cause. If this is for money, prosperity or for protection from negative people and/or evil, a high flame means that it is ‘chasing’ or sending this away from you. If you are using a harmful, domination or revenge-type candle, a high flame means that you will see results quickly as they don’t have adequate or no spiritual protection.

The Candle burns top half of Glass black but clears up: When you first started your candle spell, the top of the candle was black, dark gray or ‘smudgy’, meaning that particulates burned and clung to the inside of the glass. This means that at the beginning of the spell, negative things were around you initially,but they have since burned off and your candle spell is working in a positive manner for you.

The entire top of the Candle (liquid wax, including wick) is on fire: In the spiritual sense, it means that you are completely justified in your work and additional spiritual ‘guides’ have arrived to help in your situation. This is ONLY if you have used the proper amount of Anointing, Condition or Spiritual Oil in the candle. IF YOU ADDED MORE OIL THAN PRESCRIBED: You have a mix that you should monitor closely as it may start a fire. This is especially if you use some oil products that use Diethyl Phalates. Go to the category column on the right and click on Anointing,Condition and Spiritual Oils A – Z to read the article, Free Candle Spells | Cancer and Fire Causing Condition/Anointing Oils

The Candle burns on one side,leaving half a candle untouched: This means that something was not done correctly in the ‘charging’ and ‘blessing’ of the candle. The candle spell needs to be reconstructed as you will only achieve a 50% success rate on this candle spell.

The Candle flame ‘crackles’ or ‘speaks’: If your candle ‘pops’, ‘cackles’ or otherwise makes noises while it is burning, it means that there is ‘spiritual conversation’ between your Guardian Angel and the other persons’ Angel. The loudness of the ‘pop’, the more intense the ‘spiritual conversation’ they are having. If it is for protection from someone, then your Guardian Angel is ‘fighting’ for your defnese. If it is for prosperity or success, then it will come ‘with a bang’, meaning quick and intense will your change in luck for the better.

The Candle flame flickers or moves about rapidly: This means that there is ‘quick action’ being taken for your candle spell.

The 7 – Day Candle burns out before 7 days are up: This means that the candle is working rapidly towards your cause and another needs to be lit to keep the momentum going

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