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A reader wants a Court Case spell and clarity on “John High” (John the Conqueror) and “John Low” (Little John to Chew).

Can you please explain the process for the court case spell? what do I do with the ingredients? put them on a plate, burn them or what? by the way what is John High and John Low? Where can I get this?

Thank you!


Here is my specialty Court Case Candle Spell.


5  Brown 7-day Candle in glass

1 White 7-day Candle in glass

Copy of Court Summons

1 bottle “Court Case” Anointing and Condition Oil

1 bottle “King Solomon Wisdom” Anointing and Condition Oil

2 pieces Liittle John to Chew

3 white (or clear) glass dinner plates (I get mine at the dollar store)

Full Name of all Parties: Name of Courthouse, Judge, Defendant, Defendant’s Lawyer (if any), Petitioner, Petitioner’s lawyer.

Court Case Candle Spell

Start this candle spell 6 days before your day in Court.

Clean all candles with Lemon Juice or Florida Water, if you want to have your ancestors have some influence over this case. Follow cleaning directions in the category to the right side of this page named, “Proper Candle Preparation”. Set aside to dry.

Take copy (not the original) of the Summons to Court and write the name of the other party across the page three times, one line under the first. Turn paper 45 degrees and write your name three times, one line under the first, across theirs. Hold paper between your palms and pray the Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”). Lay petition paper on top of white dinner plate.

Label the white candle with a piece of paper in which you have written the name of the courthouse, including the county name and city and state.

Place 6 drops of “King Solomon Wisdom” Oil in wax top of white candle.  Set on top of Summons to Court.

Take 1 brown candle and label it with the name of the Judge. Place 6 drops of the “King Solomon Wisdom”Oil in it. Set next to white candle on top of Summons to Court.

Take 2 brown candles and label them with your full name and the name of your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, use the second brown candle as a ‘back you up’ candle and label it with your name again (Do this only if you do not have an attorney). Place 6 drops of “Court Case” Condition and Anointing Oil in each of these candles.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART: Are you the one bringing the case or is the other person? Read on:

The one who creates the Court Summons, or the one who is suing the other person is called the PETITIONER. Their candles go on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the Judge’s candle. The one who IS BEING SUED is called the DEFENDANT and their candles go on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the Judge’s candle.

Determine who you are and place your candles accordingly, on a dinner plate, either left side or right side of Judges and Court’s candles.

Take one piece of Little John to Chew and set it between your candle and the lawyer’s candle (or, if in the case of no lawyer for you, between both candles on your side of the Judge’s candle). Set the other aside for the day of Court.

Take the last 2 brown candles and label them with their full name and if they do not have an attorney, DO NOT USE the candle intended for their attorney. You do not need to ‘boost’ their law power. Place NO OIL in these candles (as you want the court case to go in your favor by adding the oil to your candles).

Light the candles in this order: The Court candle first, then the Judges. Then, light yours (both of them) and lastly, light their candles.

Hold hands over all candles now lit and pray with sincerity that this case will be ruled in your favor. Finish it with an the Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father”).

On the day of Court: Take the piece of Little John to Chew that was between your candles and if possible, ask your lawyer to hold it in their jacket pocket. If you cannot ask this of them or if you do not have a lawyer, place it in YOUR pocket of your jacket. Dress in a suit or nice dress with a jacket to look presentable before the Court.

Take the second piece of Little John to Chew, also known as Galangal, and boil it a bit in a little water and some sugar. Let it cool and place this second piece between your jaw and your teeth, moving it around to chew on it a bit as you are traveling to Court. DO NOT SWALLOW ROOT. When you arrive at the Courthouse, spit the Little John to Chew out as close to the front door as possible. This is reputed to make things be ruled in your favor in Court.


Little John to Chew, also known as Low John, Court Case Root or Chewing John is the Asian root GALANGAL. It is used to spice up Oriental dishes and is a carminative, meaning it will settle any upset stomach. It is of the Wild Ginger family.

WARNING: Not all candle shops or botanicas sell the right root labeled as Low John. The BEST WAY to know if you have GALANGAL is to go to an Asian market and get it fresh in the produce section.  I would STONRGLY urge you to NOT place anything in your mouth that is not 100% authentic.

John the Conqueror, also known as Hi John or John the Conker, is is a round, nut-shaped root that is a little wrinkled and has a strong musky smell. It is a member of the Morning glory family.  IT IS NOT FOR CHEWING OR PLACING IN THE MOUTH.  It is a strong laxative that will give you diarrhea .

Hi John is carried in the pocket or in a mojo bag for strength and for winning at games of chance and gambling. It is a root that is suggested for most men to carry or for a women who needs gain in physical and mental strength ‘like a man’.

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