Free Candle Spells | Astrological Candles – Sagittarius the Archer

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Sagittarius rules those born from November 23rd  to December 21st . This zodiac sign is considered “Mutable” Fire sign, which means the energy fluctuates between optimistic  and pessimistic tendencies. This energy is creative and aggressive.

These candles, sometimes referred to as “Astral” or “Star” candles, are an enhancement to your candle burning spell for you (or the one for whom you are working a candle spell) to give a personal power touch to the spell. Each person is born under one zodiac sign and under the influence of the sign’s planetary influence. If an Astrological Candle is not available in your sign, then you may obtain a plain 7-day glass novena candle in the appropriate color for your sign and use a permanent marker or paint pen to draw the symbol for Sagittarius, which looks like an arrow and a part of the bowstring in an upward direction.

The candle color associated with Sagittarius is purple and the planetary energy is Jupiter. It would be wise to enhance your candle burning by using Jupiter Condition Oil or oil that has the herbs Cardamom, Sandalwood, Five Leaf Grass, and Sage. Cedar, Juniper and Oak are the types of wood that is associated with Sagittarius.


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