Revenge, Damnation and Go to H*LL Candle Spell

WARNING – This is not for the faint of heart;  it is for a person who has had such torment done to them, such pain and suffering, that they want the the perpetrator to shrivel up and crawl under a rock. While there is not anything morally ‘wrong’ done in this spell, it IS a good way to relieve tension and or pent up anger towards that ex, the boss and his hoochy girlfriend that just fired you or even the uninsured motorist that just rear ended your car. You ask…does it work? I don’t know as the target of my anger moved a loooong time ago. If you DO perform this spell, please let us know of its’ outcome – J.


3 Red Glass Vigil Candles

3 Black Glass Vigil Candles

1 White Glass Vigil Candle

1 Bottle “Run, Devil Run” Anointing Oil

1 Bottle “Revenge” Condition Oil

1 Bottle “Crossing” Condition Oil

Box of Sea Salt

7 glass saucers or small plates


Label the white candle with the name and birth date of the one you want to suffer. Anoint with “Crossing” Anointing/Condition Oil. Place in center of configuration with a plate or small sauce under it to protect it from spilling. white red black candle

Label the red candles with the name and birth date of the one you want to suffer. Anoint with “Run Devil Run” Anointing/Condition Oil. Place in the 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock sections of the configuration (see photo for example). Make sure these are on small saucers to catch any spillage.

Label the black candles with the name and birth date of the one you want to suffer. Anoint with “Revenge” Anointing/Condition Oil. Place in the 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock section of the configurations (see photo for example). Place each candle in a saucer to protect from cracking and spilling wax.

Ring the entire area with a thick circle of Sea Salt. Look upon the white candle and imagine the face of the one who has tormented you. Curse it, calling them every name in the book. Tell the candle what you want them to suffer. Light candles andwalk away.

This spell is best done where some seclusion is available or in a room that is not visited often, like a guest bedroom or a seldom used bathroom. Curse Candle Spell Curse Candle Spell

When candles are done, scoop up all in a brown paper bag (including saucers – they’re cheap if you buy them at the dollar store) and some moistened paper toweling to clean up the Sea Salt. Take to nearest dumpster and dispose of in the receptacle. Do not place in your garbage can so that you will not ‘contaminate’ your can with remnants of the Crossing Condition Oil.

If you perform this spell, please write to us and tell us what happened.

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2 Responses to “Revenge, Damnation and Go to H*LL Candle Spell”

  1. Robert says:

    I’ve used this spell with some pretty spectacular results. At first I thought it wasn’t working because the person seemed perfectly well and happy, but within a week, he was nervous and jittery, saying he thought his house was haunted and that ghosts were following him. Within a week, he got steadily more nervous and awkward. By the time the next full moon had arrived, he had been taken out of school(I’m a college student-computer sciences-and the guy in question was one of the college’s jocks that had been accused of raping a fellow student). The last thing I had heard was that one of the professors had found him standing over a sink in the restroom crying because his teeth were falling out and his mouth was bleeding. The bleeding wouldn’t stop and he ended up leaving unconscious in an ambulance. Hopefully now, she feels some small bit of justice for what he did to her.

  2. admin says:

    Put the glass in he recycling and you can burn off the papers if you wish, or bury them at the graveyard.


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