Readers Questions | Comments on Revenge, Damnation and Go to H*LL Spell

My, I have had a few people get really upset over this past candle spell!

Here is my position on candle spells and the basis for the reason that there is the Free Candle Spells website. I am no position to ‘judge’ whether any candle burning spell is ‘right’ or not. It is up to the one who uses the spell. Besides that, haven’t you came out with an expletive or two when someone done you wrong? Tell the TRUTH.

Anthropologists claim that magick ‘evens the scales’ between the oppressed (the candle burner) and the oppressor (the intended victim). As long as I do not advocate the actual HARMING of someone by YOUR OWN HANDS, then burning a candle, a toby or voodoo doll in effigy, does nothing more than relieves the pressure off an overheated situation. If something more ‘happens’ to the individual, then maybe lighting a candle on them “shines a beacon of light” for the Universe to give them the whammy! Just like to old saying, “Paybacks are a mutha”.

The Revenge, Damnation and Go to H*LL candle spell was written and posted for a particular person who asked for it, I did my research, found the proper combinations of candle colors and condition oils, and merely created the recipe, not much different than Julia Child in her kitchen.


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