Readers Questions | An Outcome for Eben’s Vinegar Jar Spell

Readers – If you remember a few months ago, Eben began to send in his posts regarding a vinegar jar spell that he created to separate his friend from an emotionally abusive relationship. This came in the other day as his final outcome to the vinegar jar spell. To read his prior posts regarding this spell, click on the Vinegar Jar Spells category on the far right side and catch up

Eben writes:

Well, the vinegar jar proved to be unsuccessful at this time. As you may recall, I went through this elaborate Vinegar Jar technique to break up an deceitful target and one of my best mates. Since this time, there has been hints and little squabbles here and there between them, but nothing permanent. In fact, over three months out, I have been contacted by my friend to hang out the next week, but by the time the next week comes, there is no contact again. Today, I also hear that my friend and the Target at actually heading out of the country together soon.

Did my jar truly fail? Not sure. What did I do wrong in my jar? Well, I think my technique was pretty on par (in my own personal opinion). I think that perhaps I am not that focused. Or simply it is because I did not physically work the jar enough. Yes, I have anxiety and thoughts about the two of them together that could cancel out all my work. It happens to everyone and it is tough to beat.

Where do I go from here? Well.. my thoughts are to flush the contents to my vinegar jar and start a new. Hmmmm

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