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Fast Luck Oil
The anointing and condition oil known as “Fast Luck” or sometimes called “Luck in a Hurry” is clearly labeled for the action that it is meant to do – bring you luck in a hurry!

This deep ruby oil, heavily infused with cinnamon, a spice traditionally known to ‘heat things up’, is used for gambler’s luck, money drawing and love drawing as well as a general all purpose attractant for all kinds of good things.

This oil, when rubbed into free standing red candles or dropped into the top of glass encased red candles, is reported to assist in all matters of love, money and luck. The energy of the red candles is intense and demanding attention, just as your decreasing bank accounts, failing love life and increasing bad luck demands that you pay immediate and unwavering attention to turn the luck around and bring in good fortune to start filling up your pocketbook or wallet with greenbacks and lots of lovin’ from that gal or guy!

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