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What do you do with the burnt out candle & the glass of water after a St. Expedite spell & my candle glass was black after the candle burnt does that mean it will not work??




Just because the candle glass was black does not mean it was an indication of a candle ‘not working’. Again, we will first cover the physical steps as to why candles turn black.

1. Did you clean the candle – the wax, the wick and the glass (inside and out) with lemon juice or Florida Water? Residual packing substances can cause sooting and sometimes shifty candle shop owners apply a thin film of oil on the candle itself to try to induce candle blackening – this way you are all upset and com back to buy more candles. Sneaky, isn’t it. Fortunately, these types of people are few.

2. How much condition oil did you place in the top of the candle? Remember, it is not like laundry detergent (“Well…if one cup will get them white, then SURELY two cups will get them even whiter.”) Uh-huh. Use the recommended mystic numbers like 3,7,9,11, and 13 – and no more!

Now that we have covered the probable PHYSICAL cause of candle blackening, lets move to the spiritual side.

1. Is your cause Justified (with a capital letter). This means, are you right to wish this on someone, or in the case of a St. Expedite candle, which is burned for ‘things in a hurry’, are you deserving and justified and right to receive them and will you do the ‘right thing’ with them when you DO receive them? Things that probably will NOT get answered from St. Expedite are quick money to go to the casino, bad boyfriends (or girlfriends) and wishing someone ill will. So again I ask, was your petition paper made out for true and genuine causes and were they Just in the eyes of the Universe?

2. Just because the candle turned black does not mean it was working. If the candle was properly prepared, the cause is Justified, then the sooting or blackening of your candle during your spell means that the reason for your candle and you are under a heavy negative influence. I suggest the next time you begin a candle burn and it starts to turn black, support that candle with a white one lit (after being properly cleaned) next to the original one to ‘bring light’ and additional energy to it. Try that and see what happens.

3. If candles turning black seems to be a common occurrence, you might try doing a spiritual cleaning of the home, room or area of the candle burn to get rid of any negative energy.

Disposing of candle and offering remnants to St. Expedite is easy – glass in the recycling bin, water in the plant outside your door, wine or other spirits in the grass and pound cake for the birds.

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