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A very simple but very true statement regarding candle burning success is: How much do you want this?

Case in point, I have had a couple of clients recently that are just capitulating all of their efforts over the length of time it is taking for their love candles to ‘bring them back around’. They are throwing in the towel – plus a few other things!

I remind them to go back and read about my own personal experiences with the pink St. Jude love candle spell – written both here on the site but also in my other website, Did you know that it took 7 candles (OK do the math – 7 candles times 7 days each candle = 49 days) before the “light bulb came on” – if you know what I mean!

It is natural to have days where it seems that nothing is working, and sometimes it isn’t. When you are burning candles to change a situation, there are outside factors you need to determine that are in play at the same time that you are burning your candle. Everyone has an agenda – what is in it for me? – and hormones, time of the Moon, frustrations, diet, rest and environment come into play when creating a candle spell. I ask my clients many, many questions – I need to know what is ‘going on in the background’ to figure out if a red candle should be burnt simultaneously to give energy to the first petition candle, for example, when creating a candle spell for them.

Again, I want to caution that also because of these outside influences described above, no candle burning work is 100% guaranteed. If you are working with someone that is claiming a 100% guarantee of their work, please take a step back and give it a moments’ thought and include the above factors listed in the last paragraph.

When I discuss longevity regarding doing a spell I consider these things:

1. If it is in regards to love, how long has the other person been gone? – Especially important because the longer they are gone, the harder it is to use candle magic alone to bring them back. Don’t wait for three months expecting them to come crawling back on their knees so you can be right – get right into candle work after a major blowout or break up.  I will repeat myself – the longer the other person is gone, the harder it is going to be to use candle magic alone to bring them back. You will need other items in your arsenal to make it happen.

2. What have you changed about yourself that will be an attractant for the ‘lost loved one’ to reconsider and come back? – There is fault on both sides in varying degrees when there is a breakup. Make sure you have taken steps to change YOUR behavior before commenting on others’ behaviors.

3. With regards to money – when do you need it? Christmas 1987? Next year? The 3rd week of each month? – NOOOOOO!!!! You need money each and every DAY and you SHOULD be burning green candles with Bayberry Anointing Oil or one of the Money Drawing Oils until you get your fill. How much is too much money? Well, each bank can hold up to $10,000 in one account in your name. Would be kind of nice that you have at least TWO – $10,000 accounts tucked away in the bank, wouldn’t it?

4. Really…How much can candles really cost you if you are seeing some changes? I can see if you were blowing $25.00 or more each week, but in reality a pink candle for affection and romance, a green candle for money drawing, a blue candle for peace in the home and a yellow candle for success  can cost you about $10.00 a week, including the investment of the “Fire of Love”,  “Success”, “Fast Luck”, “Money Drawing” and “Peace” Condition or Anointing Oils that are used on these candles.

In a nutshell, that man, that girl, that raise, that job, that degree is WORTH it if you come out ahead -and isn’t that really what you want – to win, right? If the intended target is worth it to you, don’t complain about the cost and get in there and burn those candles!

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