Free Candle Spells | UPDATE – Cancer and Fire Causing Condition/Anointing Oils

You would not believe the amount of response that I have had over last week’s article about cheaper Condition and Anointing Oils being mass produced for the public that causes fires in the home and also contains a cancer causing agent, diethyl phthalate, that is a solvent for the airplane industry.

I had a client come over and actually hand me her bottle and ask me that I get rid of it for her! Here it is!

Indio Products

Now ironically, the cost she paid at the other spiritual store was more than if she were to buy ‘the good stuff’ like the Lucky Mojo Co. line and get a few candles at her local grocers.

I had e-mails of others who had the very same reaction to a candle burning the whole top of the candle while using these oils. She said that she didn’t know what to do except place a plate over the whole candle glass top to smother out the candle, which by that time, was unable to be used again from all the black soot around the glass.

Make sure you get your high quality, long lasting Condition and Anointing Oils at

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