Readers Questions | Eben’s Vinegar Jar Spell – Week 3

Readers, This is a continued effort from Eben to keep us informed about his Vinegar Jar spell he conducted on behalf of a friends who is being taken advantage of in their good nature by the “victim” or “target”. Read more about the beginning part of this psells by clicking the “Vinegar Jar Spells” Category on the right. Thank you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eben writes: …So, my 3 weeks was up on the 6th. I had talked with my friend asking her point blank, but in a nice way, about how her relationship is going with the target. She was very upbeat and said it was going good. I said that I noticed that they didn’t fight so much as some couples and she said that they fight over stupid things, but nothing major. She said other than that. it is good. She still has been seeing her other friends more lately and has taken other means to get home a lot more.

Okay, now this is my primary flaw in the system. In essence, I should be very emotional and angry when I shake the jar and I should let it do it’s thing on autopilot and not think about it. Like anything else in the universe, we have our own internal conflicts that assist us in promoting failure. Since, I am best mates with the target’s mate.. it is something, I probably should have left to an outside source. What happens is that when they do talk on the phone in my presence or he actually does come pick her up from work, then my mind goes into overdrive visualizing them together. This pretty much cancels out anything I am trying to focus on when it comes to splitting them apart. Do I like thinking of them together? No. This is something almost everyone does without premeditated actions. It is a response that if you think of a Sweet Tart candy.. most likely your mouth will water without realizing it. Same thing here. There is some hint or notion of them in an evening together.. my mind sees it.

Now, as for the jar itself. This is downright insane. Again, the jar has been heat/vacuum sealed and is placed inside a ziplock bag. I have not bothered to look or shake the jar in the past week or so because it was a Waxing moon and really, I would rather focus on more positive aspects during this time. Now, I could have swore that I put the jar in right side up when I put it back in my drawer. I could totally be wrong. Either way, I opened my drawer this morning and again, it had leaked. The paper towel I had wrapped it in was soaked and now the jar is only about 2/3s to 1/2 full. I am still baffled by the leak. There is nothing really to keep it from sealing. Perhaps the picture in the lid is preventing it from sealing, but really. I have actually attempted to experiment with the subject at hand. I have taken the same exact kind of jar, filled it with vinegar, heated it, and sealed it as tight as can be by my hands. It is sealed. It does not leak. It does not leak upside down. I have attached pics of the found vinegar vessel. Needless to say, next time I do this, I will not keep it by my sweaters.

My next step was to place the jar in the freezer. I decided to re-wrap it. Let my heart pound as it usually does when I think about how just awful the target is. I shook, the jar, declared the two names involved, and placed it in the freezer. I seriously doubt it will freeze. Do I think it will continue to fail? I don’t necessarily think it will fail. What I think will fail me is my mind set. We all have a weak spot for our best friends. We all will have conflicting images of what we do not want happening to haunt what we really want to happen. I work in a busy industry where my only time to meditate is right before bed. Most nights, I am going to sleep within 20 minutes of that. What do I bring this up? Because this is an added factor. If I was doing this for my out of state brother, I could do it and it would do it’s thing and all is good. Again, being close to the subject, I am bombarded with events, conversations, and news between the mate and target that distract me. I need to focus extra hard, if I can. And you know what? if in 3 months there is still nothing? I will do it all over again. I was told this is on God’s time. Not mine.

So, if I need to go through the process to prove how much commitment I have to the process.

vinegar jar 1vinegar jar 2  Vinegar jar 3

The pictures… The first one is simply the Jar pulled out and placed on the counter exactly how I found it. The second is the mash that is inside the jar that occurred somewhere within 3 days of shaking it. Third.. this is more for you scrying folks that might want to read something out of the stain.

Talk to you guys again in about 2 months and a week when this process is completed. If anything really exciting happens, I might hit you guys up again then too. At some point I will have to take pictures of all the ingredients I originally placed into process in the first place. I will attempt to gather those in time.


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