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images Vinegar Jar 3 Day Follow-up by Eben, our reader and spell submitter Friends, If you remember back a couple of weeks ago, Eben gave us his version of the Vinegar Jar Spell. He is reporting on the happenings as a result of the old adage, “Three Days, Three Weeks, Three Months”. Read on….. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was really unsure how to comment on the blog. I attempted, but it left me nowhere to post anything. Anyway. I have decided, if it is okay with you, to post my 3 day, 3 week, and 3 months follow-ups.

It was 3 days actually two Saturdays ago. Talking to my friend (the mate of the target) as I see her daily, there was pretty much a fight the days leading up to me actually performing the Vinegar Jar Spell. I can say.. that the Target only helped my cause or that my energy is probably pretty on point in this situation. So, as for the first official Day after the spell had been put into place, the mate of the target, my friend, had a pretty ho hum and I don’t care outlook about the evening she had planned for the Target. Something really nice, actually. Now, that night they did go out and successfully had fun. And you know what? I am actually glad. I am not glad necessarily that the target and the mate didn’t have a drag out fight, but at the same time I am glad that she did have fun. No matter what we do in someone’s life, we do want them to enjoy life.

The next Jar Moment actually was noticed on the 7th day. The mate contacted the Target to see if he was going to come get her from work and he was aggravated at her. I heard only one side of the conversation and she had excuses for him, but he felt like he was being bothered at work. As for this last week, the mate has taken actions on her own that usually are considered with the Target in mind. So, she is becoming and moving in an independent fashion.. or so, it seems. It is interesting. Usually, she contacts the target throughout the day or he contacts her. She waits for him at night and they plan things together. In the past week, she has driven independently or taking other plans to go home which do not directly involve the Target. He may show up later, but doesn’t seem to be an immediate factor as he used to be for a trip back home from work. She also has been talking to others throughout her day a lot more and focusing less on him.

I was told 3 days for the first signs to show. The signs have been faint, but I feel they are on track. Since the pictures have turned to a pulpy mash, I have not shaken the jar as often. I have also noticed that the nails are clean. I could be shaking the rust off. The 3 razor blades that I failed to mention were also initially slipped into the mix can not be seen at all. Now, here is an odd thing. I had vacuum sealed the jar. I have twisted the lid on so tight that you practically need a wrench to take the lid off. I have also placed the jar into a zip lock bag. The Jar continually leaks. This jar has not been dropped or chipped in any fashion. There is not much that can catch under the lid when I shake it. So, there is not much to be able to drip down, yet.. my jar sits in a puddle that it has chosen to make for itself. Yes, there has to be some amount of gas being created in the mixture. One can also not over look the amount of conflict generating inside the vessel. Whatever energy that is in there is struggling to get out.

I think for the next Full or Waning Moon, I will wrap the jar again and place it in the freezer for an additional element to the situation. See you guys again when the 3 weeks is up.


Eben, It would be really cool if you could maybe assemble the contents on a table with the actual jar so that our readers can get an idea of what to expect. If you could do that with your next submission, I am sure they would appreciate that.

It is also interesting that the jar is oozing maybe about to “Blow it’s Top?” . Looks like there is a festering situation going on and it is “spilling” out and over everywhere, just like your jar. I would be very careful not to spill any drops of that “stuff” in your home.

Great stuff! Keep us posted if any more ‘drama’ happens!

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