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Hi Jacqueline!

Just wanted to show you a pic of this trabajo (“job” in spanish) I’m doing as I told you before its dedicated to Ochun. I lit a yellow candle, put it on top of the jar and tied a yellow and pink ribbon around the cap of the jar then prayed to Ochun to bring my boyfriend back to me. I did it for 25 consecutive days. He did come back but we argued, fought and he left once again. Now he’s gone again and I haven’t heard from him in a few days, so now I’m doing the 4 caminos (“roads” in Spanish or more likely “crossroads”) which would be 3 more sets. This would keep him from leaving. So now I tied the ribbon on the opposite side. when I’m done with the three sets its going to look like a cross.

Right now I’m on about my seventh day, now what freaked me out was that after I took an Oshun bath I started praying to her in front of the candle. The flame was extremely high then it parted into 2 seperate wicks with 2 high flames. As they were burning, the flames became so small then the main wick turned off. After the 2nd flame turned off, I turned the candle on again. Also, if you look closely at the pics, you can see specks in the mirror which is actually candle wax splattered from just seven days of burning them.

Jacqueline please tell me what you think… I know it’s not good.. I feel there’s a negative force that is tearing my boyfreind and me apart. I don’t believe that Oshun is against bringing us back together. The candles I’ve been burning have been burning faster than usual and it usually leaves a wax residue. I just think that someone else might be doing something against my boyfriend and me. Tt’s really scary to actually see a flame just shut off with nothing triggering it. Do you have any specific candles for my case? Any recommendations at all?

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Thank you for all the pictures, but they neve came through! Now, here’s my thoughts.

First, honey jars are not Santeria/Lukumi/Ifa religious based, so my question here is this: Why are you mixing a traditional hoodoo/conjure/rootwork spell (the honey jar) with a goddess/deity of an African religion?

Secondly, what is the “4 Cuatros” (4 Corners) Spell at the crossroads? Why would someone petition Ellegua (Guardian of the Crossroads) for love? Ellegua is for making decisions that you can live with. For example, I was living in one state and hesitant about staying or moving back to my original sate I lived for many years. I did not know what to do. I did a spell at the crossroads to tell Ellegua to ‘open my paths’ and guide me to the best way and, I would accpet the decision as I relinquished all powers of discernment on this subject to him. I moved within a month. Done deal.

It makes me want to jump up and down in my office when I see the Saints/Santos/Orichas (spelled correctly) petitioned without any knowledge for which is the Orichas’ jurisdiction. Unless it was explained to me wrong – and I will give this inch of doubt – unless your spiritual worker was telling you, “Hey! Let’s do a spell for Ellegua at the crossroads and let HIM decide whether you two should be together or not -AND put to boot to your jeans back pockets or his, to see where you’ll end up”. THAT might have been their intention – whether or not it was explained to you or not.

Again readers, this is a good case for sticking with one spiritual worker until you see or do not see results – then going ahead and say to them “Thank you for your time.” and move on and question – not to question while still working with them. Pitting one worker against another by doubting one and talking about or questioning their motives behind their backs is not good.

I have sent many people back to their spiritual worker that they are currently with until they get a feeling it isn’t working, then come see me. Again, spellwork takes time and unfortunately, I say daily, this is not Burger King where you ‘have it your way’ and in a minute and a half.

You are right in one manner, Ochun does appear to not want the two of you together. Now it is up to you to accept it and move on – with Faith – that there is something ‘out there’ that is your destiny.

Please remember, if there is a child or children involved, you will meet and greet this person for the rest of your lives – like the guy in Outkast said “Graduation and the First Day of School” – but don’t forget the childs’ wedding day and births of grandchildren.

Good Luck and keep us posted.





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