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What does it mean when you have a glass candle that shold burn for at least nine days and it outs before the ninth day, and there is also a popping noise that is coming out of the candle while it is burning. What does it really mean.


Miss Ladi

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When your candle goes out; the spell is done. More interestingly enough, where did you get a candle that burns for 9 days? Most of the common candles lin glass are named “7 Day”, “7 day Vigil”, or “7 day Novena” type candles. The only other candle that is larger than that (outside of being one from Pier1, Cost Plus or custom made) is the generic 14-day candle in glass. But that is not compared to your question.

When a candle goes out, and not from the kitty playing with the flame, a torrential indoor downpour or gust of wind, then you can take it as the spell is done – HOWEVER – unless you have placed too much Condition or Anointing Oil in the top of the candle, which will ‘drown’ it.  I interviewed a candle maker, Stan of, and he told me that there is a ratio or “mix” of air to liquid to combustable (wick) that needs to be maintained in order for candles to burn “right”.

The wrong mix, well…..

Now on the spiritual side… it CAN also indicate that the ‘other party involved’ or ‘other interested party’ is working against you – a kind of ‘candle wars’.  For example, Girl Two wants to steal Boy from Girl One. She lights a “Love Drawing Candle” or “Break Up Candle”. Girl One finds out, starts lighting “Stay wiht Me” or “Go Away, Girl Two”  candles. Girl Two finds out, lights more or different candles, and so on and so on….

Good Luck and keep us posted on the outcomes!


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