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So, I started a Vinegar Jar on this last waning moon.

My intent… Time was of the essence, the target is actually leaving town for several months out of the country and he and his innocent mate will not be together. I figure this will make a stronger impact. Unfortunately, career rarely gives me moments where I can sit down at night or even during the day to perform such spells with continuity or on a regular schedule. I was trying to get the most efficient kick-start with what I had and the time I had. I do know these take time to operate. I just needed to make sure I set it in motion.. Time for it to work? I have all the time in the world. The jar is not necessarily to bring one closer to my heart, but to get my innocent friend.. his mate, out of a devious situation. The target is very deceitful and disrespectful to the mate. Granted, it takes two to tango. I know this. Still.. you can’t erase two years of disrespect and lying with physical possessions.

The Process… I had a pic of the target waxed to the underside of the lid, Several other pics of the Target, A pic of the target and mate torn completely between them (target circled black, mate circled red), 9 Nails, Red Pepper Seeds, Cheyenne Peppers, Habenero Peppers, Petition Paper, vinegar filled to the top, and Lemon Juice freshly squeezed. I performed in the hours of Mars on a waning moon cycle. I actually heated the jar to create a vacuum in the jar as it cooled. I meditated to clear my head and focus on the process through to final outcome. Shook the jar vigorously and burned black candle on the top. I would also burned a white candle in another room to balance out the negative and positive energy coming from me. Post ritual, I salt cleansed myself as well as wrapped the jar in black fabric. I shake the jar every morning when I wake up.

It has been several days now. As I am usually full of faith in believing in the powers that be in these situations. I am not so sure of it right now. As it has only been a few days.. I noticed that the pictures in my jar are actually pulp at this point. I do see that the Targets name is still on the underside of the lid and I see bits of his name floating around, but as for most of it at this point, it is pulp. Do the photos need to be intact for it to really be effective or is this pulp actually something really good that I should just flow with? Is this something I should scrap and start a new on the next waning moon?



WOW! What a Hum-DINGER of a spell!

So let me clarify, I understand that the innocent mate is your friend and it is the ‘devious one’ who will be leaving the country. I can sympathize with your noble sense of rescue and having a friend like you is rare, indeed!

So, the old adage in Hoodoo/ Conjure/Rootwork is: ” 3 DAYS…3 WEEKS…3 MONTHS”. This is the time frame of the earliest you should see results to the end time you should see results. Why? It is on God’s time, not yours. He is the Just Judge (Justo Juez)

Sounds like you have the time within this saying. You did it on a darkening (waning) Moon or when the Moon is growing smaller; that is good. You used the energy of the planet Mars to add some “oomph” to it. You even went to the point of heat-sealing/vacuum sealing the jar (in-GENEOUS!) (are you sure you are not a hoodoo man?) Giggles.

I got the goose bumps up and down my arms when reading this. I get a feeling that there will be little, if any communication between them and this is a GREAT time to also work some candles for her specifically alone (use Oil of Influence, Clarity Condition Oil or maybe a mix of those and King Solomon Wisdom Oil) and burn on a purple (for the psyche), white (general use) and red (for fast action) candles set in a triad with her picture alone in the center.

Let us know how it went, “Doctor Eben” 🙂

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