New Moon in Cancer – July 21, 2009 | All in the Family and an Eclipse, too!

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The New Moon in Cancer occurs on July 21, 2009 at 9:36 pm E.S.T. It is in 29th degree of Cancer as just less than an hour later, the Moon changes signs into the astrological sign of Leo (at 10:28 pm E.S.T.). This New Moon is considered “Cardinal”, meaning that it is emotional and innovating.

Not only do we have the regular Moon lunation, but it also occurs during a Solar Eclipse, which makes this an especially powerful Moon for wishing or burning candles for the family and all that it encompasses; children, home and hearth, food, mother, nurturing, safety and security. Blue candles anointed with “Peaceful Home” Condition Oil would work well.

It is the best time to cast candle spells for compelling (for bringing someone to uphold their promise or word), controlling and domination. This Cancer Moon has great power to sway others that are easily influenced. You can find “Compelling” Condition Oil and “Controlling” Condition Oil at

Our next Full Moon will occur on August 5, 2009.

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