Readers Questions | Can I Cast Protection Circle Around Candle Spell?

Hi Jacqueline,

Is it necessary to cast a circle for protection to keep unwanted negative energies away before performing a ritual/love spell? Or can I cast a love spell and use my Bible to recite a script like Psalm 23.


Sherri, some people use salt as a catalyst to keep away negative energies when burning candles. I found this out when I was interviewing Stan the candle maker, who I featured in a series of interviews recently regarding candles. You might want to look back about a month to read what Stan has to say about ringing salt around candles to keep away negative energies. You can contact him at if you want to find out about using or casting a circle around your candle work.

In regards to using Psalm 23 for love candle spell magic, I would suggest using the following:

Psalms 45 and 46 – Psalms for Making Peace between a Man and his Wife

Psalm 7 – Psalm for Crossed Conditions and to Overcome Enemies Plotting Against You

Psalm 22 – Psalm to Keep All Misfortune Away

A good reference book that you should consider getting is called “Secrets of the Psalms” by Geoffrey A. Selig


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